Mario 3d World 1-4 Stars (Feb) Find About The Game Here

Mario 3d World 1-4 Stars 2021

Mario 3d World 1-4 Stars (Feb) Find About The Game Here -> Do you enjoy playing Super Mario 3D and would like to explore its different worlds? Check out this post.

Are you a big fan of Super Mario 3D world? Well, currently, Mario 3d World 1-4 Stars are trending online. Players are extremely eager to find out about the stars they need to collect in the game to win. 

Games like Super Mario are extremely popular in the United States and the United Kingdom. The game has gained massive popularity among gaming enthusiasts.

Continue reading as we share essential info about this game. 

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About Super Mario 3D World 

The game is developed by Nintendo EAD Tokyo. It is available on the Nintendo platform. Players can play this game in single and multiplayer mode. 

What is Mario 3D World 1-4 Stars?

The Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury is extremely popular among gaming enthusiasts in the United States and the United Kingdom. Players need to collect a slew of stars and other items like stamps to stand a chance to win. 

The World 1-1 is referred to as Super Bell Hill, the World 1-2 is called Koopa Troopa Cave, World 1-3 is the Mount Beanpole, and World 1-4 is Plessie’s Plunging Falls. 

World 1-4 involves an adventure ride involving a large water body, lots of obstacles, a waterfall, and dangerous ledges. 

Things to know about Mario 3d World 1-4 Stars

In different worlds, there are different requirements for the collection of stars and stamps. 

In World 1, gamers need to collect a total of 22 stars and 4 stamps. 

In all the above-stated worlds, players need to collect 3 stars. 

The placement of the stars is different in all the levels. 

Players need to cautiously gather the stars and stamps to win the game. 

These items are quite tricky to find. 

What are players saying about the Mario 3d World 1-4 Stars

Many players share the hacks for collecting these green stars online. They inform other players about the different stages in the game where these stars can be found. It is evident by looking at the posts online that the fans of Super Mario are thrilled with this quest. 

On various posts, they discuss the worlds and the ways to gather the required items like the green stars and stamps to move ahead in the game. The World 1-4 is of Plessie’s Plunging falls. At this level, gamers get to ride on a plessie and enjoy the thrill of riding through the fall. 

Concluding remarks

The Mario 3d World 1-4 Stars is all about the collection of green stars in the Plessie’s Plunging falls. The stars are strategically placed at different difficult places. Gamers need to collect a total of 3 stars in this world. 

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