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Make Your Own Animation Character To Create Movie (Beginner’s Guide)


Did you know that anyone can make an animated character? And yes, even without animation or design experience. Many people, including cartoon lovers, see it as a complex undertaking, but it is untrue. Through this guide, I’ll demonstrate how to make your own animation character to create a movie with animation makers like Doratoon. Join me to discuss the process, or navigate to this page to begin right away. Without further ado, let’s dive in.

How to Make an Animation Character for a Movie

Creating an animated character for a movie is easy if you know what you are doing and have the will to learn. Follow these four steps to get started:

  • Find reliable animation software

There are tons of animation-making software these days, and getting a powerful and reliable one could take a while. But panic not. We have researched for you and recommend Doratoon. It is an online video editor explicitly designed for animation works. Everything is web-based, so no downloads are needed. Simply launch your favorite browser and visit the Doratoon website to proceed. 

  • Start your project

Sign up or log in to Doratoon, and click Create at the top left of your screen. Choose a  horizontal, vertical, or square page orientation for your new worksheet. 

  • Find your character type

  1. a) Click on the Character tab on the left side panel. (You will be provided with 10+ categories, including business, occupation, celebrity, multicultural, and children.)
  2. b) Press the All button beside the name of your preferred class to expand and view all available characters per category. 
  3. c) Click on any cartoon character that you like, and it will appear in the worksheet so you can edit it to suit your preferences. You can also click the Star icon on a specific animated character to collect it as a favorite.
  • Personalize your character

  1. Click on the selected character in your worksheet. You can delete, flip, or change the action at the top of the image. Some gestures available include happy, sad, shy, surprised, angry, typing, and running, among others.
  2. Still, on the left panel, open the Props tab. These are grouped into various categories so you can add relevant props to accompany your character if necessary. You can also use the AI drawing feature on the top menu on your screen. It is a special feature to help add props by predicting your drawing and giving a likely prop or item.  
  3. Go to the Background tab to change it to a static or dynamic one, or give it your preferred solid or gradient color. 
  4. Add further customization from the right side panel. You can pick a color for the facade and change the frame thickness. Also, add shadows and filters for the character to appear just as you want.  
  5. If everything looks fine, click Publish to save or download your animation character. 

Can I Make a Movie with my Animated Character?

Yes. Once you are done customizing your animated character, you can use it to create an animated video or movie. Here’s how to go about it using Doratoon:

  • Pick a template or open a new worksheet

On Doratoon’s home page, use the search bar to find a suitable pre-made template for your movie. Alternatively, you can make everything from scratch with a blank worksheet. 

  • Make your animation movie

  1. Determine your movie’s length and add scenes along with their transitions.  
  2. Click Mine on the left side toolbar to upload the animation character you had saved or downloaded. Add your character to relevant scenes and alter backgrounds or add other objects like props, more characters, or text for titles.
  3. Click on an object to give it life. Give your characters gestures and cut out or crop your props to appear exactly how you desire. Use Path Animation to select the Path Style, then customize the duration and speed of an object’s on-screen motion. Proceed to the right side panel to add animation effects for entry, stay, and exit from the screen and styles with shadows and filters.
  4. Click Music to give your movie some background sounds or add voiceovers if your characters are conversing. You can also add subtitles or import other material from your local drive to spice up things. 
  • Preview and save 

Your movie is ready. Click on the Play icon button at the top right of your screen to preview the animation movie you just created. Confirm that everything checks out and click Publish to export the video. Either download it or directly share the link online. 

What Makes Doratoon Stand Out?

Below is a list of features that make Doratoon unique and the leading cartoon video-maker app: 

  • Pre-animated characters

Doratoon has 1000+ animated characters with 8000+ actions and facial expressions. These cartoons are available in different skin tones, genders, outfits, and professions. Moreover, you can customize a character to fit a particular theme, narrative, or mood.  

  • Path animation

This allows you to add movement to your character, enabling it to move from point to point. You can define the path as linear, circular, curved, or free. When it comes to the free course, you outline the path by drawing it on the screen.

  • Captivating backgrounds

There are over 1000+ 2D and 3D backgrounds at your disposal. These scenic backgrounds are divided into animated, real-shot, and holiday backgrounds, amongst others, in dynamic and static formats.

  • Props

Doratoon is a hub for props and hosts thousands of them. They can be shapes, arrows, icons, charts, frames, etc. They are further subdivided into multiple categories, including finance, healthcare, business, transport, and education. Thus, whichever way you design your character, you will find a suitable prop to enhance it.

  • Auto-lip sync

You can sync the movement of your character’s lips with any audio you add to your animated video. Blending the two makes an animation movie more interactive, realistic, and professional.

Is it free to use Doratoon? 

Yes, there are no charges for using Doratoon as the platform implements a forever freemium model. This means there is no time limit on the unpaid version. You can use it to animate for as long as you like, with access to tons of features. Besides, you can create animated videos up to 10 minutes long and of 720p quality. 

However, if you are looking to fully utilize this website for animation, I recommend you upgrade to a paid plan. They are competitively priced and come in two categories, Pro at $5/mo and Pro+ at $19/mo. A cool thing about paid versions is there are many benefits. You can remove the watermark, no limitations to props, characters, and music, and you can download videos in 1080p, unlike on the freemium. 


Remember when I told you at the beginning anyone can make animations? I hope you now understand why and how. Thanks to online tools like Doratoon, beginners and experts can create a cartoon character within minutes. Even better, produce animation movies. Check out Doratoon to create your own animation movie today! No downloads or installation to use the online animation software.  

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