Ma Tax Deadline 2021 (April 2021) Date Moved & Extended!

Ma Tax Deadline 2021

Ma Tax Deadline 2021 (April 2021) Date Moved & Extended! >> The write-up shares details about the new deadline set by the state and federal tax departments for taxpayers.  

The Massachusetts legislative leaders have confirmed that the state’s tax deadline has been extended to 17th May 2021 from 15th April 2021 to meet the federal tax deadline. The decision is taken to align with the alteration at the federal level, providing the taxpayers one more month to pay off their returns for the 2nd straight year. 

The deadline is likely to be extended up to 17th May 2021 from 15th April under the proposal. The decision to extend the deadline has been taken due to the pandemic caused by COVID-19, which is still rippling the United States economy. 

The federal and state officials extended the deadline last year, and Ma Tax Deadline will also extend in 2021. 

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What Does Ma Tax Deadline 2021 Means?

It means the last date for filing the returns. It is when taxpayers have to file their state and federal taxes for the financial year 2021. However, the state authorities have altered the deadline for filing the tax returns in 2021. 

The Department of Revenue unilaterally changed the tax filing deadline of Massachusetts, United States, to corroborate the extended federal deadline of May 17, 2021.   

The Department of Revenue has confirmed that the individual personal income tax returns and payments for the fiscal year 2020 were due on 15th April 2021. Now Ma Tax Deadline 2021 has been moved to 17th May 2021, under the extension automatically granted.  

Since the step has been taken due to the COVID-19 pandemic, taxpayers can even file their personal tax returns after 17th May under automatic extension. However, the amount must be eligible for the personal income tax extension.   

Ma Tax Extension – Few Facts

Taxpayers can file their returns and taxes via mail and e-file, and the extended date for it are 15th October 2021. However, taxpayers have to understand that the MA State’s tax extension doesn’t extend the deadline to file the return owed with tax penalties.

The Ma Tax Deadline 2021 for e-filing and completing the IRS extension for 2020 is 17th May 2021. Taxpayers can file the returns for free from the official website of the IRS department online. 

If you cannot file your MA tax returns within the deadline for any unforeseen reasons, you are not required to file for an extension. Taxpayers will automatically get a 6-months extension to file the return, and the extended due date for filing the tax return is 15th October 2021.

However, you have to understand that Massachusetts will never accept the federal extension form to extend the MA tax return. 

Important Dates of Ma Tax Deadline 2021

  • 17th May 2021 – The tax Year 2020 Income Tax return 
  • 17th May 2021 – Income Tax Extension date for 2020
  • 15th October 2021 – Income Tax Filing Date after 17th May 2021 MA Tax Extension 


As the income tax filing date approaches, taxpayers start preparing for filing their returns. However, things will be different this year as the taxpaying deadline has been extended by the state and federal tax departments. 

As per the new amendments in the tax filing date, the Ma Tax Deadline 2021 has been moved to 17th May 2021 from 15th April 2021.   

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