Lucky Chew Sticks Duck [May] Is It Legit or a Hoax!

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Lucky Chew Sticks Duck [May] Is It Legit or a Hoax! >> Do you want healthy, crunchy and delicious food for your dogs? Then, have a glance at the content that highlights all the details of the product.

Do you look for the perfect food for your dogs to give them a good diet? If so, then we are here to introduce you to Lucky Duck. 

Most dog lovers in the United States search for healthy and affordable treats on various e-shopping sites. However, one must be fully ensured about the product’s legitimacy before serving their pets to avoid illness in the future.

We will be flashing light on exploring Lucky Chew Sticks Duck Reviews as views of buyers helps to know whether the product benefits shared by the company are real or a scam. So, be with us till the end.

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What is Lucky Duck?

Lucky Duck is a dog treat made in Boston. Training your pet dog takes lots of effort, but at this time, proper nutritious food is also important for growth. So, the company has brought down naturally made treats direct from the farms.

The key ingredients are the duck liver with flour of potato. The absence of chemicals and harmful preservatives make the product safe. 

Lucky Chew Sticks Duck contains proteins, fiber and low fat. A bag of treats does not have grains, so they are gentle to your dog’s stomach.

Specifications of Lucky Duck

  • Type of product – treats for dogs
  • Presented by –
  • Cost – $ 13.99
  • Discount – save up to 5% by purchasing directly from the store
  • Breedsthe chew sticks can be served to all breeds ( small, medium and large)
  • Weight – 8 ounces 
  • The key ingredient – Potato flour, Duck Liver

Pros of Lucky Duck 

  • Lucky Chew Sticks Duck is an old product manufactured by Polkadog in 2018.
  • The product has gained good ratings on Amazon, and customers have shared their reviews online.
  • The ingredients are rich in fibers and proteins and help to maintain the health of your dogs.
  • The treats do not contain grains and can be served to both cats and dogs.
  • The chew sticks are made naturally and serve as the best food during training hours.

Cons of Lucky Duck

  • The treats are hard, and dogs may find difficulty in eating them.
  • The product is made by using potato flour which usually turns into sugar.

Lucky Chew Sticks Duck- Is it Legit?

Let’s check some facts and try to find if these crunchy bites are good for our pets or not. Viewing this section will help you to make a good decision for your pets.

  • Lucky duck is presented by, which is a popular website on Instagram with 703k followers.
  • The treats were first available on 21 June 2018.
  • Besides the official website, one can buy chew sticks from a popular shopping platform, Amazon.
  • The product has received many positive feedbacks, which is a good sign.
  • Moreover, price is also affordable, and small discount offers are available for customer ease.
  • The bag of Lucky Chew Sticks Duck contains lots of descriptions about the item.
  • The product is made in the USA by using fresh ingredients and no artificial preservatives.
  • Overall, 4.6 ratings are given by Amazon to Lucky Duck.

These points indicate that the treats of Polkadog are trustworthy, and we can serve them to our pets to give them some delicious snacks.

What are people saying about Lucky Duck?

As the product was launched more than a year back, many buyers have posted their feedback. With 80% positive reviews, people are recommending this product. The bites do not get soggy on applying butter-like all other treats.

Lucky Chew Sticks Duck are crunchy and don’t get crumble, so the place does not get messy. The pets with sensitive stomachs could eat the treats, and it makes their owner satisfied.

But on the other hand, we find few negative comments as well. Buyers have complained that the treats are as rigid as a rock and made with potatoes containing starch.

Positive ratings made us believe that most people prefer the product and were happy to use it. To read about its benefits and uses in detail, read here.


Giving a final statement, we consider the Lucky Chew Sticks Duck to be a trusted product whose features have benefited many pets. We suggest you shop and bring nutritious and high-protein food for your dogs. 

If you still have any doubts, click the link given below that share the details to check the product’s authenticity.

What food items you often serve to your pets? Please share your views in the comment section available below.

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