List of Private Prisons by State (Jan) Explore The Details

List of Private Prisons by State 2021

List of Private Prisons by State (Jan) Explore The Details -> Find out about the change in the policy that will end the reign of private prisons in the country.

Do you always check out the latest news to stay updated with the current happenings? Recently, people started searching for List Of Private Prisons By Stateonline.

Many citizens in the United States became keen to know about it after a recent announcement from the new president, Joe Biden.

What are private prisons?

A private prison in the United States is owned by a corporation and not the state government. These are run by third-parties.

They are very different from public prisons, mostly in terms of the money involved. Since last 4 years, private prisons were being used by the justice department.

List Of Private Prisons By State

The current president, Joe Biden, announced that the Justice Department in the country would stop using private prisons to imprison convicts.

Many websites like Wikipedia share the full list of the private prisons classified by the states. Multiple corporations are currently running private prisons all over the country.

When Barack Obama was the president, the private prisons were not as widely used. However, the previous president, Donald Trump, changed that policy and allowed for-profit prisons to exist.

The topics like List Of Private Prisons By Statestarted trending online after the press statement from the White House shared that Biden will be reviving the policies that allowed the corporations to run the prisons.

Things to know about it:

  • As per the data available online, more than 12 private prisons are currently responsible for the incarceration of the convicts in the country.
  • The announcement was made through a press release.
  • The change in the policy will reduce the reliance of the government on corporations for private prisons.
  • List Of Private Prisons By Statestarted trending online after the announcement.
  • The federal contracts will get affected after this change in the policy.

Who should know about it?

People who like to stay updated with the current followings can check out this news. Also, those who want to know what type of policies the current government will take can explore this announcement. Anyone working for the involved organizations should be well aware of this news.

Public reaction

The news of putting an end to private prisons is met with mixed reactions. A few people appreciate the change while others are pointing about the ways in which removing corporations may have a negative impact. Social media users are actively discussing the announcement online.


The List Of Private Prisons By Stateis available online on various credible sites. The current president is reviving many policies that were in place when Barack Obama was in office.

During Trump presidency, federal governments heavily relied on corporations for the incarceration of the convicts. This is bound to change after the latest announcement.

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