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Lisa Matthews Philippe {July 2022} reveal Unknown Facts!

Philippe Bond and Lisa Matthews Philippe are currently trending over the internet, and this article has all the facts for their popularity.

Who has been accused of sexual assault? Are you looking for why Matthews and Phillipe’s sudden hype? Why are the two celebrities all over the internet? For all the readers who wish to explore the details of these related answers, this article will help you with the facts.

Philippe Bond is a comedian based in Canada, and his recent Instagram post has led to immense hype for the celebrity. Read this article about Lisa Matthews Philippe until the end to know what the post is. 

Reason Behind the Hype for Philippe Bond: 

At the Emerging Humor festival, Thomas made serious allegations against his colleague. Apart from Thomas, many other people associated with Philippe accused him of sexual strains and related issues. If you scroll the internet for the details of Thomas and Philippe, then you will find some links directing to a podcast recorded back on 13th July 2022.

Regarding all the issues and allegations, Philippe made a public statement through his Instagram account that he is stepping back from his social life, leading to a thunder amongst his fans.

Lisa Matthews Philippe Bond:

After hearing and reading out all the claims, Philippe Bond proclaimed his innocence, which was done clearly and loudly in the face of people spreading such rumours. These rumours were trending over the internet for a few days, and eight more women have claimed sexual misconduct.

Lisa Mathews was one of the women claiming the same. She mentioned that she was around 20 years old during the same. She first met Philippe Bond in a hotel bar. She went to the washroom at around 2.00 AM when Philippe followed her, saying she needed her.

Lisa Matthews Philippe:

Detailing Lisa’s complaint, this was all related to a hotel bar incident. Lisa refused Philippe that she was okay herself and did not need any help. But Philippe didn’t listen to her, and the incident was later termed sexual misconduct by Lisa.

She mentioned that she went to the police department at Gatineau as well and reported her complaint. But this was later ignored, and no actions were taken against them. She later mentioned that she tried to re-complain the incident to Matthews Gatineau, but no action was taken.

Philippe Bond Reaction for the Same:

In response to the article published mentioning the claims for women, Bond has posted a message through his verified Instagram account. This says that he has immense respect for all his co-workers and colleagues. 

He will not respond to these allegations but instead takes a step back from his social life-including public life, shows and radio.

Final Verdict:

Following all the details found for Phillippe Bond and the allegations made, we can say that Bond’s response to the same is his withdrawn public life. Lisa Matthews Philippe hype also mentioned that he would not be seen in any public media event.

Check out the Details for Claims Against Bond to know more. Does our efforts help you with clarity? Comment on your views. Please note all the details are taken from internet sources.

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