Lindsey Goldstein Death (Aug 2021) Want To Know More?

Lindsey Goldstein Death (Aug 2021) Want To Know More

Lindsey Goldstein Death (Aug 2021) Want To Know More? >> In the article, you will get to know why the couple is leaving the show love island, creating a shock to fans.

Do you watch Love Island and looking for the answer to why Josh left? Then, stick with the article we have unfortunate news. The most loved show love island in the United StatesCanada, etc. It also had a couple of Josh and Shannon. Fans were in shock after hearing the news about Lindsey Goldstein.

But life has not predictable decisions for you. People and Love Island paid condolences when suddenly they came to know about Lindsey Goldstein DeathNot just him but his family was also devastated. To know the reason behind her death, stay connected.

Why did Josh and Shannon Left Island?

Josh Goldstein and Shannon the couple was crowned as the strongest couple on the love island. The couple faced a lot of trust issues. After a lot of effort, Josh made her believe in her affection.

But, tragic news came. The producer one day told the tragic news about Lindsey, and Josh chose to leave the show along with Shannon. The unfortunate news was about Lindsey Goldstein Death.

Who was Lindsey Goldstein?

Lindsey’s full name was Lindsey Beth Goldstein. Lindsey Goldstein was the sister of the star, Josh Goldstein. His fans don’t know much about Lindsey Goldstein. But the unfortunate left the whole fans in deep grief. Not just that, Lindsey has helped multiple families in her career.

Her uncle clarified that she was about to turn 28. This tragic news has left everyone in immense shock. Lindsey was also planning her wedding; it was about to be on 1st October 2022. The fiancé of Lindsey is Paul Gorton. 

Reason For Lindsey Goldstein Death

Lindsey, unfortunately, passed away on 06th August 2021. Josh Goldstein announced the news on the show before leaving Love Island with her girlfriend. Josh was evidently in utmost shock. This news was given to him by the producer.

Although the news was clarified, the reason is still unknown. The rumors are claiming multiple things, but the confirmed news has yet not come. People are curious about her death’s reason, but the autopsy reports have not been opened till now. Therefore, we advise you not to believe the rumors. Until the exact reason for Lindsey Goldstein Death is confirmed.

What were Josh’s last words on the show? 

He announced leaving the show with her girlfriend to be with his family in this challenging time. Josh was shattered with the news. However, he also said that – he feels grateful for meeting the love of life and the participants. 


In the final verdict of the article, make sure you don’t believe in the rumors. Usually, such things spread like fire. And in such unfortunate times, you must not increase the pain by spreading such rumors.

Everyone is in immense grief. Account of the Love Island also tweeted condolence on Lindsey Goldstein DeathHave you seen any rumors about her lately? Comment below – 

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