LindellTv .Com (April 2021) Let’s Read The Latest News!

LindellTv .Com

LindellTv .Com (April 2021) Let’s Read The Latest News! >> Is Donald Trump supported by Lindell? Read this post to find out what Mike Lindell is doing to support Trump.

Did you hear about Lindell Tv .com? You must have because this website has been in the news for the past few months, and people are going crazy over the claims made by its owner.

The United States-born Mike Lindell is seeking everybody’s attention and promising to bring out the 2020 US Presidential Elections’ truth. Being a supporter of Trump and CEO of My Pillow, he uses his powers to the utmost and collaborates with other people for the same purpose. And surprisingly, his new video involves support from an internationally recognized physicist.

Please read the article to learn more about it.

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Who is Mike Lindell?

Mike or Michael James Lindell is the CEO of My Pillow and owner of Lindell Tv .com. He is not only an American businessman but also a conspiracy theorist.

My Pillow is a private pillow-manufacturing company founded by Mike in 2009. He gave his three bars and mortgaged his house to help the development of the company. Mike hand-sewed many pillows himself at earlier times and took help from the family to handle sales and distribution.

Mike Lindell recently became a Trump supporter and alleged the Dominion Voting Systems for falsely conducting elections. He said that he would do his entire best to bring about the truth, and he’s working hard for the same.

What is Lindell Tv .com? is a two-year-old domain owned by Mike Lindell, where he regularly uploads videos for the ‘2020 Voting Frauds’. 

He has put up videos like “Absolute Proof: The Trailer,” “Unmasked: Has the Truth About 2020 Election Been Uncovered”, and the recent one is- “Scientific Proof.”

In the ‘Scientific Proof’ video, he collaborates with Dr. Douglas Frank, a worldwide known physicist, who proves that the 2020 United States election was the biggest cyber-crime in world history. It is an hour-long video where Dr. Frank says that the total votes cast actually include 32% of voters who did not cast any ballots, but shockingly, their ballots were recorded.

Other important news:

  • Apart from Lindell Tv .com, Mike is soon set to launch
  • Dominion Voting Systems have already sued Mike for making false claims against them.

People Reviews:

Many people are calling Lindell as Trump’s last supporter, putting some effort into saving him. Dominion Voting Systems have also said that Lindell is doing all this to gain Trump’s supporters’ attention and increase My Pillow’s sales.

Final Verdict:

Mike Lindell is a well-known American businessman and CEO of My Pillow. He has been in the news for claiming that the 2020 election was a fraud. He is operating Lindell Tv .com, where he uploads videos devoted to the same topic.

His recent video involves scientifically proven facts that the election was a big cyber-crime.

Now that you know what the whole situation is all about, do you support Mike in his accusations? Is he right in his proven facts? Comment down below.

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  1. Mike Lindell is a former drug addict and I wouldn’t trust him to tell me the day of the week. Why is it that over 8 of Trump’s closest advisors have either already been endighted or convicted of various crimes? If this election was so corrupt why did Trump’s head of election declare this election to be one of the most secure in history? 60 court cases started by this loser or his supporters and only 1 case was won and it was only a procedural issue with absolutely NO EFFECT on the election outcome. You go Mike and even more of corporate America will kick your pillows out of their retail stores just like Bed. Bath and Beyond! Your 15 minutes of fame are up, now go back to Mn. with your “true believers” and bow down to your false messiah.

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