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Leni Robredo Achievements {Feb 2022} See Full List Here!

The page reveals an overview of Leni Robredo Achievements, and her latest update. Do read about her here.

Hey readers, this page reveals the details and achievements of famous inspiring women who have been public servants, social activists and Filipina lawyers. She generally serves herself around the Philippines.

But Leni Robredo mostly came into people’s knowledge and grabbed the attention of many females when she became the fourteenth incumbent vice president in her serving country. Nowadays, many women adore her and want to discover Leni Robredo Achievements as the president.

Well, to get aware of the factual Achievement of Leni Robredo, do swipe up and get her educational overview.

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Who Is Leni Robredo?

Being such a great leader and educational personality, Leni Robredo is a Filipina lawyer, social activist, and public servant. However, she’s not limited to only those posts. But she is also the second female president.

She was born Maria Leonor, but she’s generally known by Leni Robredo name currently. She was born on 23rd April 1965 and is currently serving for her country, which is being added up in the Leni Robredo Achievements list.

She served for gender equality and women empowerment, and for the same, she was awarded by the government of Thailand in 2016 for her great work.

Family Overview

Husband: DILG former secretary and mayor of Naga city formerly (Jesse M. Robredo)

Children: Three children (Jillian, Tricia and Aika)

Father: Trial court judge of Naga city region (Antonio Gerona)

Mother: Name is Salvacion Sto. Thomas

Personal Information

We already have an idea about her which is shared in the page above. Now let’s move on to the Leni Robredo Achievements list in the further discussion

  • Full Name: Maria Leonor Santo Tomás Gerona Robredo
  • Nickname: Leni
  • Birthdate: 23rd April 1965 having fifty-six age
  • Home Town: Camarines Naga City, Philippines
  • Her Net Worth as of 2020: P11.9 million

Latest Update

As of 2nd Oct, the sources stated that the president went to the Capas, Tarlac, along with Dr. Tricia, her daughter, for the vaccination purpose of the members of the Aeta community.

She transferred to the town of Magarao from Naga city to run for the governor.

Leni Robredo Achievements And Projects As The Vice President

Timely and effective actions taken during pandemic driving vaccination campaign, distribution of face mask, ppe kits and food packs regularly

Initiative for social services across the far-flung areas, especially villages

  • Job training provided to every school passouts in cooperation along with US agency for the development internationally
  • Assistance to micro-entrepreneurs and community
  • Professionalization of office of Vice President with the ISO certification
  • Highest rating audit from the Audit commission
  • These were few achievements of her being a Vice President.


Every major detail of Leni Robredo Achievements and project being a Vice President has been revealed before you. Also we may read about her early life and career along with the details concerning her educational qualifications.

What do you think? Is she an inspiring personality or not? Please comment below.

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