Lego Space Shuttle 2021 [Apr] Check if it is Legit!


Lego Space Shuttle 2021 [Apr] Check if it is Legit! -> Get to know about an amazing product that is perfect for adventurous children with a knack for learning.

Are you looking for the perfect product that allows your children to build a space shuttle and other similar things? If so, then do read on as we let you know about Lego Space Shuttle 2021.  

This creative builder kit is gaining worldwide popularity. Ideal for children who are between the age of 7 and 12, this product is specially designed for adventure-seeking children who are enthusiastic about all things space. 

People worldwide are discussing this product. So, today we’re reviewing it and sharing the details with our readers to help them find out if it is a genuine product. 

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What is Lego Space Shuttle? 

It is a building kit that contains a myriad of pieces. All the parts can be used to build a space shuttle. With the Lego Space Shuttle 2021, children can experience a fun space adventure in which they get to fly a space shuttle and land it on a moon station. 

The product is from the brand called Lego. It is available on various reliable ecommerce sites. 

The box comes with an astronaut minifigure and a user manual that allows customers to understand how to use it. 

Specifications of Lego Space Shuttle:

  • Brand – Lego 
  • Product dimensions – As per the manufacturer’s info, the size of the product is 7.52 x 2.32 x 13.94 inches. 
  • Quantity of pieces – The box contains 285 pieces in total. 
  • Functions – The Lego Space Shuttle 2021 is ideal for creative thinkers. Users can build a space shuttle using all the pieces in the box. 
  • Features – The user can build a space shuttle, moon station, and space rover attached with wheels. The box contains a payload bay with a robotic arm, satellite boasting foldout wings, and minifigure. 
  • Recommended age of users – As per the brand, the recommended age of users for the product is 7 to 12. 
  • Product weight – The product’s weight is 1.21 pounds, including all the pieces in the box. 

Pros of Lego Space Shuttle: 

  • Renowned brand.
  • Strong social media presence.
  • Great customer reviews. 

Cons of Lego Space Shuttle: 

  • The product is a bit expensive. 

Is Lego Space Shuttle 2021 legit or not?

Let’s evaluate this product to determine its authenticity. Read on the following points to gain an in-depth understanding. 

  • Brand popularity – Lego is the leading brand in making creative building toys. Since its inception in 1932, the Danish company has established a name for itself. Given the immense popularity of the brand, we can say for certain that the product is legit. However, it is best to look at other factors before drawing any conclusion. 
  • Listed on trusted e-stores – The product is listed on e-commerce giant companies like Amazon. This is another excellent sign proving the legitimacy of the item. 
  • Positive buyer reviews – We came across plenty of great reviews for Lego Space Shuttle 2021. Buyers call the builder kit well designed and interesting. Most parents share that they’re very impressed with this kit as it is sturdy and engaging. 
  • Vivid description – The brand shares a lot of information about the product. Everything from the number of pieces to the dimension of the product are clearly mentioned. 
  • Social media presence – Lego has a powerful social media presence on various platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and Instagram. We came across many reviews shared by buyers on these platforms. 

The aforementioned points clearly indicate that the product is 100% legit. 

Lego Space Shuttle 2021 reviews 

We checked the product’s reviews online on various portals, including social media networking sites and ecommerce sites. On all these portals, we found a slew of extremely positive reviews for the product. 

In terms of quality, features, and functionality, the buyers have given top ratings to the item. However, there were a couple of reviews from customers who appears to be unimpressed with the product. 

The final verdict 

Today’s product review has been about the Lego Space Shuttle 2021. It is a set designed for creative building. Children who are curious about the space can use this set to play and experience a space adventure at home. 

Our research helps us conclude that the product is 100% genuine. We think that our readers who want to buy a set for their children can give it a try. 

Have you bought this product? What do you think of this Lego construction kit? Let us know your answer in the comment section. 

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