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Legend Of The Northern Blade Chapter 114 {Jan 2022} Details!

This article makes the latest updates on Legend Of The Northern Blade Chapter 114, with its complete details.

Are you the lover of the Legend of the Northern blade chapters? Then, you would be eager to get the latest updates on the dates and timing of the new release. We know that there are crazy persons Worldwide, and they are following each chapter of the “Legend of the Northern Blade.” 

It announced that Legend Of The Northern Blade Chapter 114 would be released; on the 22nd of December 2021. This chapter claimed to be in the raw scan. However, it is still not updated.

Let us understand the reason behind it in the sections below.

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What is Northern Blade?

The northern blade is a well-known series based on the brainchild of the writer. The author of the Northern blade series is the Korean author Woo-Gak. This series was categorized under the action fantasy genre. 

It is a wholesome entertainment series for all age groups. There is a massive response from the readers for this action series. 

About Legend Of The Northern Blade Chapter 114 

Chapter 114 was about to be released on the 22nd of December. However, It is still awaited by an eagerly waiting audience. All the readers were very much excited about Chapter 114. Delay in its release had disappointed many of the audience and are still waiting for a response. 

It will be available in the English version also. Hence, it was expected to be released at a different time at different places.

The audience of the United Kingdom expected it to release at 5 pm while, in the pacific region, it was 9 am. Other countries in the center and the eastern region, between 11 am to 12 noon of 22nd December.

However, Legend Of The Northern Blade Chapter 114 awaited release soon.

The cast is involved in this series.

Below are a few characters that won the heart of the audience.

  • Jin Mu-Won: He is the vital protagonist of this series. He is commonly known as the epithet Northern Blade. 
  • Eun Ha-Seol: She is the mysterious girl who came across the main protagonist Jin Mu-Won. She opens up to Mu-Won and helps to defend the Northern Heavenly Sect.
  • Geum Dan-Yeop: He is the brother of Eun HA-Seol. He aimed to save the sleeping Silent Night and wake them up against the Central Heavenly Alliance.

Let us glance into the reason for the enthusiasm of Legend Of The Northern Blade Chapter 114

The reason for the enthusiasm

The Legend of the Northern Blade has a unique storyline that focuses on good and evil characters. This story attracted many audiences for its exclusive script writing skills. The storyline of this chapter is how the legendary character saves his motherland from the attacks of the evils.


The latest release of Chapter 114 is expected to release on the 22nd of December 2021. It was delayed due to some technical issue. However, we noticed that it was unreleased and will be released in the coming days. Do you want the latest update on Legend Of The Northern Blade Chapter 114.

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