5 Best LED Tube Lights Popular In the Market

Easy Way Top 5 Best LED Tube Lights

LED tube lights are considered the best replacement for the fluorescent lamps that are used traditionally. Tube lights are the most suitable to illuminate places like offices, basements, supermarkets, kitchens, workshops, and including all other commercial areas. Tube lights with the size of T12, T8, and T5 are most demanding while T8 gets most of the attention due to its size.

LED tube lights

You will find different categories of best-LED tube lights in the market according to the usage of the customer as well as budget. Different lights have different methods of installation as they also vary in their price and need. If we enlist the best LED tube lights which are most demanding in the current market then the suggestions are here. Lepro LED provides the best-LED tube lights in the market which are energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

Best LED tube lights

The best-LED tube lights which are most demanding in the current market are enlisted below:

1. Lepro LED 17W T8 4 ft tube light

This type of lepro LED tube light is the best to replace fluorescent lamps. You will get a 5-year warranty with the UL safety certificate. You can use it for up to 50,000 hours without any damage. Rebates are also available to reduce the purchase price even though it is already very budget-friendly. These tube lights are energy-efficient and have white light features like daylight.

T8 4 ft tube light

2. Philips universalFit tube light

Philips has introduced 16W T8 UniversalFit LED tube lights which work equivalently with the fluorescent lamps of almost 32W. It also saves energy up to 55% and is available in three colors. You can have bright white, daylight white, or cool white color of LED tube light. 

It has 36,000 hours working capacity and you can install them in homes and commercial areas. Along with all these, you can have a pack of 2 or 10 or 30 tube lights which may differ in their price.

3. Toggle LED tube lights

Toggle LED lights 16W tube lights are introduced to replace fluorescent lamps. It provides you with a brightness of almost 2,000 lumens and has a color temperature of almost 6500K. It has a feature of dimmable quality as required during its installation. 

You are always encouraged to hire a professional person for the installation of Toggle LED tube lights. With a lifespan of almost 50,000 hours, you can have a warranty of a lifetime. It is quite expensive than other LED lights due to its advanced features.

4. Great value LED bulb

It is the best replacement for 32-48W lamps as it provides soft white light. It has a life expectancy of 44 years and is available in 48 inches length. It does not provide a dimmable feature but it can compete with the ballast available in the market. Experts always suggest users before installing LED light bulbs but the usage is always recommended.

5. Sunco 8 pack 4ft 48-inch T8 tube light

Sunco 18W 4ft T8 tube lights are equivalent to the 40W traditional lights. The light bulbs provide daylight lighting and you need to remove the ballast before their installation. The tube light can save 55% of the electric bill with a life span of almost 50,000 hours. It is most suitable for indoor usage like stores, warehouses, kitchens, workshops, bathrooms, offices, etc. These are also ETL and DLC certified and guaranteed specifically for their safety. 

Ending Remarks

The best-LED tube lights along with their features and specifications are discussed above. If you are in a search to get LED tube lights then you can gain the best assistance from Lepro LED. You can use the best-LED tube lights according to your choice and budget.  Lepro LED tube lights are well known and most guarantee products. Lepro LED is the safest and cost-effective option for you available in the market.

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