Lantern Festival London 2021 (Feb) Complete Details!

Lantern Festival London 2021

Lantern Festival London 2021 (Feb) Complete Details!-> Want to be the part of this festival? Learn the authentic fact about the lantern Festival held annually!

The Lantern Festival London 2021 was to be celebrated today, that is, February 26 2021. The news among United Kingdom people about the lantern Festival is currently in discussion. 

This Festival is celebrated every year as it’s known as the New Year for Chinese people. It’s also known as Yuan Xiao or Shang Yuan Festival in China. This marks the winding up of new year celebrations among the Chinese.

Let’s look in deep about this Festival, this Festival, and many more related facts regarding lantern Festival London.

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What Is the Lantern Festival?

The Lantern Festival London 2021 plays an important role at the end of the New Year’s Chinese celebrations. This event lasts typically for fifteen days, and the final event is known as the Spring Festival or Lantern Festival.

This event is also popular by another name: Yuan Xiao Joe. It is regarded as an important Festival that signifies the completion of new year celebrations among Chinese people.

Two thousand years ago, this Festival had existed when Buddhism’s culture was introduced in China during the Han Dynasty.

Let’s Know-how can celebrate this Festival amid covid19 as gathering in public places are completely forbidden.

How To Celebrate Lantern Festival London 2021?

Well, this Festival is celebrated by Chinese people with great enthusiasm and excitement. But amid this pandemic and coronavirus situation, people are still allowed to get involved in certain arts and crafts activities.

But the UK still request people not to release the lantern into the sky as it causes harm to animals. Also, marine life gets endangered when these lanterns fall out into the sea.

Besides this, there’s a huge feast covering all the tasty food, and people enjoy those iconic food fests. People also celebrate having rice balls called tangyuan, the most iconic and important food of this lantern Festival.

Know more about Lantern Festival London 2021!

Does The Celebration Got Affected Due To Coronavirus?

Unfortunately, due to lockdowns and coronavirus restrictions, the Lantern Festival’s annual celebration is being cancelled in the UK.

But the Chinese society wants to continue following their tradition, and they have decided to celebrate this lantern Festival online on February 26 from 4-6 PM at city university Birmingham.

In London, virtual performance, exhibitions, comedy and screenings can be watched during Festival Chinese Art 2021 now, running from April fifteen to April thirty.


So, Lantern Festival is celebrated with full enthusiasm among Chinese people annually. The main highlight of this event is lighting a colourful lantern, eating rice balls, known as Tang Yuan, spending times with lovers and families, guessing riddles related to the lantern, enjoying fireworks.

This has been followed mostly among Chinese culture as the lantern festivals began in China around two thousand years ago.

But Lantern Festival London 2021 due to covid19 have been cancelled. Restrictions are imposed around the UK for celebrating this lantern Festival.

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