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Ladylinger Clothing Reviews (March) Is It A Legit Deal?

Ladylinger Clothing Reviews (March) Is It A Legit Deal? >> Enlighten yourself by reading this article and learning about this attractive shopping website.

Today we present to you Ladylinger Clothing Reviews. It is an honest and unbiased website review of this online women’s shopping website.

The retail store offers you various types of clothes only for women, all at your fingertips. They ship their products to United States, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. The website is customer-friendly but is it safe to use? Should you go and make purchases on it? And our article will focus on this only. 

So, read the entire article so that you do not miss out on any information.

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What Is Ladylinger Clothing Reviews About?

We are talking about ladylinger.com, an online website selling women’s clothing items. You will find bottoms, sweaters, and outerwear, dresses, shirts, tops, and blouses.

The website is super easy to use. You can browse items based on their type. You can also sort the products at your convenience. And you can search items based upon their fit, that is, lose or regular.

The products’ prices can be displayed in various currencies, including United States dollars, AUD, Euro, and a few others, but you cannot change the website’s language. 

You can quickly locate the codes mentioned throughout the website to get additional benefits.

Specifications of ladylinger.com:

Ladylinger Clothing Reviews mention the following essential specifications of the website-

  • Website URL- https://www.ladylinger.com/Company name- Nova Silk Road SARL
  • Product- you can find bottoms, dresses, outerwear, sweaters, tops, blouses for women.
  • Email address- service@ladylinger.com
  • Contact number- not mentioned
  • Address- 72 rue des Mathurins, 75008 Paris, France
  • Shipping policy- Nowhere mentioned worldwide shipping; orders delivered to US, UK, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia; fixed shipping costs based on countries; option for tracking your order is provided
  • Return and exchange policy- Ladylinger Clothing Reviews mention here that orders can be returned or exchanged within 15 days of the delivery date; ordered products must be returned in undamaged, unworn, unwashed, and with original labels in original packaging.
  • Order cancellation- You can cancel your placed order within 24 hours of purchase; they will provide a refund.
  • Payment methods- PayPal, American Express, Master Card, Visa, Discover, Maestro Card accepted.

Pros of using Ladylinger.com:

We mention some advantages of shopping from this website-

  • Items available at affordable prices
  • User-friendly website
  • Customer-friendly policies of the company
  • Various types of products available
  • They accept discount codes 
  • Free shipping on orders above $119
  • High quality and fast shipping guaranteed

Cons of using Ladylinger.com:

Here are some points that you might consider for not purchasing from this website-

  • Clothing items available only for women
  • They have not mentioned worldwide shipping
  • No size guide provided
  • We found negative customer ratings

Is Ladylinger Clothing Legit

We did a lot of research to bring all the points mentioned below. You can consider all this information to decide whether this website is legit or not-

  • Short Domain Age- the domain age of the website is less than six months.
  • Popularity- this website’s Alexa Rank is #4,515,193
  • Address of the company- the physical address of the company mentioned on the site is incomplete. They gave only the street name.
  • Domain registration name- The owner of this domain name, is hidden.
  • Trust Index- The website has a trust score of only 1%
  • About Us- The company claims to be a global leading online retailer, which is entirely false. They say that they handpick all the items to ensure uniqueness and quality, but it is also completely wrong, as you will see in the next section.
  • Customer Reviews- Negative customer reviews found.
  • Copied content- They have copied the photos displayed for the products from other websites.
  • Social media appearance- They have only one Facebook page.

So, now Is Ladylinger Clothing legitaccording to you?

Customer Reviews:

We have found external customer reviews about this website, and all of these points out that they have terrible customer service. Buyers have mentioned that the products are of inferior quality, and thus, no one should purchase any item from them by just looking at the photos.

You can check out the reviews on their Facebook page.

Final Verdict:

Today we discussed ladylinger.com in detail. It is an online shopping website for women. 

In our honest Ladylinger Clothing Reviews, we mentioned all the crucial points for you to decide whether shopping from this site is safe or not. 

They have manipulated the customer reviews section on the website, as can be seen by the external reviews found on the internet.

Did you make any purchases on this website before? How as your experience? Comment down below.

2 thoughts on “Ladylinger Clothing Reviews (March) Is It A Legit Deal?”

  1. Lady Linger will not allow returns. They tell you, “must return the item within five days” from receipt of their reply. However, they are argumentative and don’t give you the return address. Now the five days have passed and no address, despite sending me three emails requesting pictures, measurements an answers to questions. NEVER ORDER FROM LADY LINGER!

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