Kshuye Com Reviews (Mar 2021) Is it a Legit Deal?

Kshuye Com Reviews 2021

Kshuye Com Reviews (Mar 2021) Is it a Legit Deal? >>Do you want to welcome spring with a new zest? Please go through our review on a website that claims to sell attractive spring wreaths and household items.

How about decorating your home with a super sweet swag this spring? Our article Kshuye com Reviews will research a website that has beautiful spring wreaths on display. It also showcases quite many useful products under its Houseware & Kitchen section.

The store wants to make a strong foothold in the United States and worldwide as a robust online shopping destination. 

But it is best first to assess the store for its legitimacy. 

The following fair review will help one gain an insight into the authenticity of Kshuye com.

What is Kshuye com?

Kshuye com is an online shopping hub for unique products for your home and kitchen. It seems to be famous for spring wreaths that make for an attractive display at your door.

The items available on the website are a perfect treat for yourself and a special gift for your friends and family. 

If you want to know about Kshuye’s exclusive offers and new arrivals, sign up now at their website. 

Many items on Kshuye com are available at attractive discounts if you place an order today.

Learn more about the seller through our comprehensive Kshuye com Reviews.

Categories of products on Kshuye com:

The portal sells 28 items under the following categories-

  • Spring Wreath Theme- 10 wreaths symbolise the spring season; patriotic themes and Easter are available under this section.
  • Houseware & Kitchen- This category sells 18 functional items such as biodegradable trash bags, wireless electric shredder, cooking dividers, butter cutter boxes, microfiber bathrobes, and some more.

However, it is strange that it deals in 28 products only. We strongly suggest not purchasing at Kshuye com until you read the final verdict of Kshuye com Reviews.

Specifications of Kshuye com:

  • Products- Merchandise for your house and kitchen.
  • Website- https://www.kshuye.com/
  • Company address- Fleet Street, #102-105, London, EC4A 2AB, United Kingdom.
  • Email- kshuye@hotmail.com
  • Contact number- 420-820-5568
  • Shipping time- 7-10 business days.
  • Shipping fee- Applicable and depends upon the shipping method and order value—free shipping for orders more than $49.9.
  • Returns/exchanges- Within seven days of purchase.
  • Refunds- Within 30 days of returns.
  • Mode of Payment- MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express, Debit cards, E-check, and PayPal.

Pros of Kshuye com:

  • A beautiful collection of products, especially spring wreaths.
  • The website sells both decorative and functional products for your home.
  • Ships worldwide.
  • Has a presence on Facebook.

Cons of Kshuye com:

  • Shipping is not free.
  • The website also does not pay for your return shipping.
  • Quite unrelatable About-us page.
  • The website only displays 28 products.

Is Kshuye com legit? 

This is the most critical question that needs an answer before one shop at Kshuye com. 

While conducting our research for Kshuye com Reviews, we found specific ambiguous pointers.

Firstly, the trust score of this online shop is just 1%. Strangely, if you try to find its domain age, there is no information available for Kshuye com. 

Secondly, under its return policy, the store claims not to accept returns on cosmetics, underwear, and laundry items. Why does the website give such confusing information when it doesn’t sell these items in the first place?

Lastly, the About Us page for this website is not company-specific at all. It provides general information that one can apply to any store. The page is also replete with grammatical errors that are hard to ignore.

We will further explore customers’ viewpoints on Kshuye com to know to ensure if this store is genuine or not.

Kshuye com Reviews By Customers:

Kshuye com features on the social media giant Facebook. This is a good sign, but it is sad to see that Kshuye has only 1-star out of five on navigating through its Facebook page.

Kshuye has a pretty strong negative comment on its Facebook profile.

Final Verdict:

We strongly advise you not to endorse Kshuye com because of its untrustworthy score and negative reviews.

Kshuye com will either ship you a cheap product or nothing at all. The store may also steal your bank details through its scam website.

Did our article on Kshuye com Reviews help you? If you would like to add anything more to it, feel free to post it here.

5 Comments on “Kshuye Com Reviews (Mar 2021) Is it a Legit Deal?”

  1. This product is a joke…. are you kidding me???? I will return for refund.
    Never have I seen such poor workmanship, you have totally misrepresented your product. I almost ordered the American Flag colored wreath.. I’m sure glad I didn’t!!!
    This has taught me a very valuable lesson!!
    Gale Smith

  2. This kshuye company advertised their wreaths on Facebook. I looked them up on Etsy and found their spring wreath of a sun flower with bumble bee on it. I ordered from the Etsy site with the company kshuye. After a month I received my a little over 1 foot wide wreath and I am very angry and disgusted. It looks nothing like what kshuye advertised in their photos. This wreath looks like a first grader made it. The quality is very cheap. The bee is felt and spungy mat and the flower is out of burlap, which is fine, however the petals have no wire around the edges like was shown in their photos and there’s only 3 layers of them rather than the 5 they showed. The wreaths they showed took up a wide portion of the door. The one I got wouldn’t cover half a door. This is a crack company. To only receive a return back if the package is not open is ridiculous. And to think I spent $50. on this piece of trash!!!! Do not waste your money. Oh and when I went back to Etsy to find this fraudulent shop again to give them a bad review, they no longer exist on Etsy. So since I opened the package, which why would you send a wreath in a plastic bag rather than a box? My first clue that this was a piece of crap.

    1. I am saddend to say I fell for this on-line company which I think Facebook should refuse to list but I don’t know where to write . My situation mirrors what you have said, I submitted my order in early March 2021.

  3. I ordered the Gorgeous Grapevine Wreath on 3/17/21. You took my money and I have not received any e-mails regarding status of my order. The number listed is Not in service….I sent a e-mail and no response. I will be calling the Better Business Bureau.

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