Konloni Reviews {Mar 2021} Know The Legitimacy Here


Konloni Reviews {Mar 2021} Know The Legitimacy Here -> Here we are going to inform you about a website which sell hobby box and they claim to have original autograph of all famous player.

Hello, sunshine, Our today review is on a website which sells baseball, basketball, Pokémon hobby box, konloni.com is a United States-based site where they sell their product. I will help you find out all the facts regarding its return/exchange/refund policy and the foremost important thing: the website legit, or it’s a scam. We will try our best to make sure to give honest and unbiased konloni Reviews.

What is konloni.com?

Konloni.com is an online shopping website that is very new; the domain age of the website is just 1 month old. The website sells all different types of hobby box which includes many premium cards, which are known as hits, it have, player autograph, patch cards which were used in the game, cards of serial number, and more sports card products which they claim to be are premium, are given in the box.

They also claim to sell the autograph collection of the different player such as Fernando Tatis Jr, Mike Trout and many more MLB Baseball, NBA Basketball and Pokémon. We will try to provide you with all the necessary information in our konloni Reviews.

The site claim to have 3/4 processing days and the product will be delivered within 18/19 working days. For the cancellation of the product, the products must be done before the shipment of the product. A full refund will be given once the cancellation is made. Return is done if products are missing, and a refund is done after they will receive the product. 

Website details:

  • Website name: konlon.com
  • Domain age:1 month from now
  • Speed of website: average
  • SSL certificate: valid
  • SSL type: Low – Domain Validated Certificates (DV SSL)
  • WHOIS registration date: 2021-02-02
  • Name: Hidden
  • Organisation: Hidden
  • Street: not mentioned
  • Konloni Reviews: no review found online

Pros of buying from this site:

  • Offer money-back scheme
  • SSL certified
  • WHOIS register

Cons of buying from this site:

  • No guarantee and warranty
  • Owner details are hidden
  • No customer service support
  • Location is Missing
  • Too new website

Is konloni.com a genuine place to shop? 

Konloni.com is an e-commerce website where they sell hobby boxes, the site domain is 1 month old, and all the required details are hidden. The website’s score was 0 out of 5 stars on ad-scam.com, and the trust score of the website on ScamAdvicer was also very low. The website fails to proof Is Konloni legit

The owner information is hidden, which seems suspicious to us. Not a single person has registered to that website or has asked any queries; the website should be the first to ask and register.

The website fails to provide any kind of discount, and the shipping charges are more than the actual product charge, which is more suspicious. The shipping cost should always below, and there is no guarantee and warranty of the product, which clearly says buying products from this website is at risk. Customer reviews are missing, and it is nowhere to be found on the website and even on the internet. 

What are Konloni Reviews? 

We did all of our research before you buy any product from this website, and we came to know that not a single review was published by any customer, which seems suspicious to us. The custom review are the basic and foremost important part for a website to prove its legitimacy.

No reviews were present on the website; also, it means no customer has bought the product, but only website review was found which were negative, and it is not a good sign in every website review the trust score was very less. All of the mentioned facts clear our doubts on that is konloni legit or a scam.

Final words:

Konloni.com is an online shopping website that was created to sell hobby boxes, but the site clearly fails to prove its legitimacy because of the lack of information. The site also fails in maintaining the seller-customer relationship, which is the main thing.

Not a single review was found about the product, and all of the website reviews were negative; the website also doesn’t have a proper HTTPS connection. Many bugs and other ads site keep popping up, which is a bad sign. 

Hobby box are the type of product in which most of the teen are indulge in. Isn’t it exciting to have the autograph of our favourite player? Don’t forget to tell us about your hobby card experience and your precious thought on konloni Reviews.

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