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Keystone Color Test (Feb 2021) Reveal The Reality Below!

Keystone Color Test (Feb 2021) Reveal The Reality Below! >> The article talks about an innovative technology that would revolutionize color testing. 

There is no doubt about the fact that Science has been progressing at a fast rate. There are various ways through which an individual can get things done. 

Today, we are going to talk about the Keystone Color Test. This test based in the United States has been capturing a lot of attention. So, let’s know more about this test in detail. 

 What Is the Keystone Test?

The test deals with identifying the test points in the PCB packages in the high density. It will result in better production of PCB and testing and the troubleshooting of services. A new series developed by the Electronics of Keystone has resulted in the test points with a mountable surface with an insulator base that provides efficient identification and works towards enhanced visibility.

The wire loop will provide better access for the J hooks and the probing of tests. There are various other benefits involved with Keystone Color Test. The test points will be produced through the Phosphor Bronze with a Silver plating on it that imparts superior soldering and a lower level of resistance to it. 

More Facts About the Test:

The base provides colored identification that provides them with an exceptional level of soldering and low resistance. The identification base is created with high temperature with LCP that provides unique soldering options. 

The packaging is done on the tape and the reel as per the compatibility standards. There are ten colors available in Black, Red, White, Orange, Yellow, Brown. Purple, Green, and Gray. 

What are the Specifications of the Keystone Color Test?

 There are various specifications of the Keystone SMT Test, and it has the test point based on silver plated and phosphor bronze. The color key of this test is LCP which is rated as 94 VO. Various colors include colors like Black, Red, White, Orange, Yellow, Brown. Purple, Green, and Gray. The temperature of the operations of this device is -60°F to 293°F. 

You can also connect to Keystone via www.sager.com or link to them on 


 The color-coded will help in supporting the easy identification. Various mountable test points will help in producing and testing through the troubleshooting and testing f production. The users can also do the snap-in mounting and have a high-temperature base made of plastic and do the soldering. It indeed makes Keystone Color Test an innovative technology.

There are also loop terminals that provide the nonslip circuit testing done by EZ hooks, probes, tips, and J hooks.

Final Conclusion

The product, as mentioned above, is an incredible innovation that will be able to get the PCB packages tests quickly. It is a great way to ensure the best technology, helping to make color testing an easy method to try.

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