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This news story informs readers about the most recent tragic incident and additional information on Kevin McDowell Portland Oregon.

Have you recently heard about the accident that occurred in the state of Oregon? A sad piece of news unexpectedly shocked the residents of Portland, Oregon, a state in the United States. The deceased was identified as Kevin McDowell Portland Oregon resident discovered in the Columbia River.

Please continue reading to learn more about what happened and why this awful occurrence occurred. We will also aim to compile information on Kevin himself.

Who is Kevin McDowell?

Kevin Mcdowell was a 35-year-old swimmer. He belonged to the organisation PDX Black Excellence as well. He made most of the opportunity to get to know and assist black Portland residents.

Everyone well knew his passion and compassion across Portland. He dove into the Columbia River to assist a woman who couldn’t swim herself to safety. Unfortunately, not much is known about Kevin McDowell Death as the cops cannot recover his body after he disappeared in the river. But, he managed to get the woman he was trying to assist to safety. According to authorities, he was not using a life vest.

Everyone in town paid their respects in person or through internet posts. Through a Facebook post, the organisation he represented also paid respects. They said that Kevin had a tremendous heart and contagious energy. His family and friends are still reeling from the sad news. Let us now provide details of his death and the investigation after.

Kevin McDowell Portland Death

The sheriff and river authorities investigated a complaint of a lost swimmer on the west side of the Columbia River, close to the Portland Airport Terminal.

The police department claimed in a release that a guy dived into the river from a motorboat to rescue a woman who’d been having trouble swimming but could not return. He was later confirmed as Kevin.

The authorities promptly launched a search and rescue effort. In their hunt for McDowell, emergency rescuers also deployed underwater imaging techniques, but they were unsuccessful.

What Happened After the Incident?

The search is on for Kevin McDowell Portland Oregon, by the rescue teams. After searching the surrounding region, nobody was found in the location in which witnesses previously spotted the swimmer. Additionally, investigators have reported tough circumstances.

They gave up searching. Due to the high current flow and poor underwater visibility, rescuers could not work. The unit may continue the search operation after assessing the situation. When the weather settles down and the authorities continue their search activities, we will do our best to keep our readers informed about the situation.


Contrary to popular opinion, drowning is a very prevalent cause of death. Kevin McDowell Portland Oregon, was a heroic person who passed away way too young. However, to prevent such incidents, authorities must tighten swimming safety. Please see this link for additional information on Kevin’s untimely passing and other circumstances.

What was your takeaway from this post? Comment below with your response, and we’ll keep you informed as the investigation progresses.

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