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This article is a solution to many of your queries regarding Kenan Thompson SNL 2022 in detail.  

Are you a massive enthusiast of Saturday Night Live? Do you enjoy entertainers, comedians, and artists conducting quick, joyful performances on recent, creative, and outrageous themes? If so, you must be very curious about the show, like many viewers of the United States

It’s been rumoured in the market that the show will be shut on its 50th anniversary in the 2024-25 season. This is because the producer of this show is going to be 80 soon. Is this true? What are Kenan Thompson SNL 2022 views? Let’s see-

Are the Rumours True? 

The comedy show has released 47 seasons, and the golden jubilee is on its way. However, people assume that the show is ending at its 50th season because Michaels doesn’t wish to do it after age 80. 

According to Kenan, even Michael’s plans to do so in the future. 50 is an astounding number of seasons to end a show, and 80 years is also an adequate age to get a rest from work. But, they need to plan the ending because they don’t want the exhibition to be terrible. 

What’s Kenan Thompson Net Worth 2022

Kenan Thompson is an entertainer and jester who has been in the comedy sequel of SNL since 2003. He is the longest-tenured crew partner in the show’s narrative. As the show is going to end within 2-3 years, viewers are keen to know Thompson’s net worth. 

So, till July 2022, his net worth is estimated at approximately $13 million. He’s a 44 years old professional actor from Atlanta. In the picture, he first emerged on the extensive network in 1994 and has been a surging star till now. 

Why is Kenan Thompson SNL 2022 Trending? 

SNL isn’t an ordinary stand-up satire, humour, mixture, and outline comedy show. It has completed 930 episodes and has been ruling the hearts since 1975. The TRP is also amazingly fantastic. 

So, even a slight rumour regarding the ending of this show can shake many individuals. The same thing happened recently with the watchers, so they decided to search about it. Their browsing history and interviewer’s questions made this topic trending and controversial. 

Best Episodes Ever of SNL-

Those who have watched every show were interested in Kenan Thompson Net Worth 2022. But, we have something for you for those who weren’t so into the show and are planning to see the best ones. Below is the list of the best five episodes of SNL till now. 

  • Episode 10 of season 39 starred Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake.
  • Incident 16 of season 38 by Justin Timberlake.
  • Event 7 of season 1 in which Richard Pryor and Gil Scott-Heron were there. 
  • Outbreak 10 of season 37 of Jimmy Fallon and Michael Bublé. 
  • And episode 22 of season 36 of Justin Timberlake and Lady Gaga.


As a concluding thought, Kenan Thompson SNL 2022 said the show would end soon. But, we believe that 2 to 3 years are enough to absorb the more good moments. So, we would ask the keen watchers not to be hopeless and watch the show till the best substitute arrives. 

The given information here is based on internet research. So, kindly visit this link to know more. And, please let us know your favourite episode also. 

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