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Kalman Rubin Psychologist (Aug 2021) Check details Here!

Kalman Rubin Psychologist (Aug 2021) Check details Here! >> Read this article and learn about this famous psychologist: his achievements and why is he might get delicensed.

Do you know who Kalman Rubin is? And why are people talking about him? Well, then keep on reading to find all the answers. 

Mr Kalman Rubin is a very famous psychologist in Australia. Known for giving great advice and counselling, Mr Rubin and some other family members got in some trouble recently and caught the public’s rash.

Today, in this article, we will brief you about the well-known Kalman Rubin Psychologist and his achievements. And, of course, the reason behind him receiving backlash on the Internet.

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Who is Kalman Rubin?

Mr Kalman Rubin is a reputed Psychologist for counselling, meditation, business consultation, therapy, and a teacher who has worked with various boards.

He provides marriage counselling, psychotherapy and working with children and families, therapy with abuse victims, relationship seminars, and other psychological therapies or counselling.

He has been a consultant to various boards and helps in building healthy workplaces and do workshops for businesses.

Some overview on Kalman Rubin’s work:

Dr Kalman Rubin is known to have helped children by providing them with a therapeutic milieu, which are removed from their houses and facing personal issues. He has led such people to go through emotional and physical breakdowns with a stable mental state.

Since 1978, Rubin has been a psychologist with many children and adults who suffer from different types of traumas that disturb their personal and professional lives a lot. 

Did you know that a survey conducted in Australia revealed that youngsters between the age of 18- 25 go through increased stress levels that damage their health and lifestyle? And over 12% of Australians suffer from stress due to social media excessive usage? 

Therefore, having Kalman Rubin Psychologist doing such a great job is appreciated.

His professional experience:

Mr Rubin has been in counselling for over four decades, and he has achieved remarkable success throughout his career. Check out his experience in this field below:

  • Since January 2002, he has been a psychologist, mediator, speaker, and consultant.
  • Institution: Family Court of Australia; Designation: Manager of Counselling and Mediation; Duration: from February 1992 to January 2002.
  • Institution: OHEL Children’s Home and Family Services; Designation: Director of Residential Treatment Centre; Duration: from January 1988 to December 1991
  • Institution: Jones Home Residential Treatment Centre; Designation: Therapist Case Manager Psychologist; Duration: from July 1979 to September 1987

Why is Dr Kalman Rubin in the news?

You would have already seen his name in the news. Here’s the reason why.

Rubin, his wife, and other family members (around 70 in number) attended an illegal engagement party of his son Yoni with the bride-to-be Michal Franck. 

They violated the lockdown rules in Victoria. And since the party, six people, who attended the party, were found covid-positive. 

Kalman, being a psychologist, along with Dr Mark Franck (Yoni’s father), being a skin cancer expert, was supposed to stop the gathering but were rather seen enjoying it.

You can check the exclusive news here!

Final Verdict:

Kalman Rubin Psychologist has received a lot of backlashes for attending and not stopping the engagement party. 

It is said that all the attendees will be fined, and Kalman and Dr Mark Franck might get delicensed. 

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