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Do you want to know about Jon Rothstein and his spouse and their marriage relationship? Recently, there have been talks about this topic. What we know about Jon is that he is a sports analyst. He works for WFAN and CBS Sports Network as an insider and analyses all the activities related to American Sports. He is well known in countries like the United States and Canada, etc. 

Jon Rothstein Wife, their marriage life has been in talks nowadays. This article will continue talking about their relationship and other kinds of stuff in detail. 

Who is Alana Rose? 

Jon Rothstein and Alana Rose got married last year in September. Alana is exceptionally gorgeous. Jon has shared several images on Instagram. Those were happy pictures, and the couple seemed to be in a comfortable and fun relationship together. Jon is a famous personality. He has shared his personal life on social media, whereas Alana chooses to keep her personal life private. 

About Jon Rothstein Wife    

Jon Rothstein is married to Alana Rose, approximately 30 years old. Unfortunately, there is no information about Alana on Wikipedia as of now. She prefers to keep her life private, and for that reason, we cannot see any pictures of her on social media. But we can see beautiful photos of the couple Alana and Jon on his social media. There are also a few clips of the marriage. The couple seems to be joyful in those pictures. 

Jon’s information

Jon Rothstein is a 38 years old American sportscaster and analyzer. Jon Rothstein Wife is not a famous personality, and hence a lot of information is not available about her. Jon is a commentator on CBS Network. Jon also works for a WFAN, CBS Sports as a college basketball insider. In addition, he works with Adam Zucker, Wally Szczerbiak, Alaa Abdelnaby, Mateen as a basketball insider in the college. 

Their relationship with each other

Jon and Alana seem to have a happy married life. Jon posts on Instagram various pictures of them with impressive captions for his better half. Jon has an Instagram following of more than 20,000 followers, while Jon Rothstein Wife has a private profile and seems to believe in having a personal space for herself. There is some information about how these two met each other and when they got married, which appears to be perfect. Apart from these small things, there is no extra information about these two personals on wikipedia. 


Jon and Alana are married in 2021, when they seem to be living a happy life together. Jon is currently working for CBS Sports Network and WFAN. In this article, we have discussed Jon Rothstein Wife, their wedding life, and others. You can check their pictures on Jon’s Instagram handle. 

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