John Amores Biography Wikipedia: Who Is He? Check Profile to know Height in Feet, Age, Birthday, Parents, Father & Other Info!

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This article provides information on the recent incident in the basketball field and gives information related to John Amores Biography Wikipedia.

Do you like to find out the latest news about John Amores? John Amores indefinite suspension puts him in the limelight, and readers from the United States and the Philippines want to know about the player in detail.

Therefore, in this article, we will tell you about John Amores Biography Wikipedia and also cover some important facts related to the player that every fan of his should know. So, let’s find out. 


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John Amores Wiki 

Check out the information about John Amores and his career collected through Wikipedia and other trusted sources.

Full Name John Anthony Walker Amores
Parents Name Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Age Between 20 years old
Girlfriend Unknown
Profession basketball
Height 5 feet 4 inches
Weight around 55kg

Most details related to John Amores are not mentioned on the internet as the controversy happened recently. 

John Amores- Who Is He?

John Amores is a professional basketball player who plays for the ST. Benilde’s team is at a professional level, which includes different leagues and tournaments. John Amores was the prime member who threw the punches in the game after some dispute with other team members. 

John Amores- Who Is He

John has played around 13 games and earned the MVP title in the leagues and tournaments. 

Why is John Amores trending on the internet?

John Amores is trending on the internet because of their indefinite suspension by Jose Rizal University, which makes him lose the 98th season basketball tournament. It is mentioned in his Profile about the incident that happened recently.

On Wednesday, committee member Paul Supan put a penalty on John because of the fight that happened in the league. John’s suspension from the league makes him the headline, and that’s why many basketball fans want to know about him in detail. 

John Amores personal detail 

John Amores controversy puts him in the news headline, and now everyone wants to know about him in detail. However, on the internet, only a little information is present related to the personal life of John. 

We have already mentioned information like Height in Feet, his age, and other common details about the player in the above wiki table. The remaining information will be updated soon in the article.

Our research team is trying to get genuine information about the athlete so readers will feel supported. 

What exactly happened with John Amores?

John Amores got involved in a fight during the CSB-JRU game, where he punched an opponent player. The whole incident happened on November 8, 2022, i.e., Tuesday, and because of this incident, two players of the opposite team got hurt, i.e., Jimboy Pasturan and Tanie Davis. 

John Amores Social media accounts

Like John’s Parents, the information on John Amores’s social media account is not mentioned anywhere. However, his Instagram account information is mentioned as his username is johnamores13_.

You can check out the link in the below social media section. 

John Amores Net Worth

There needs to be more clarity about John Amores net worth as there’s nothing mentioned on the internet related to his net worth. Also, John plays for a college team, so it is hard to estimate his net worth at this point.

Details like his Birthday and other basic ones are already mentioned above, so you can check out to know about him.

Social media links

  • Instagram-
  • Reddit- not mentioned 
  • Twitter- not mentioned 

Final words

The incident with John Amores is unprofessional, and no sportsperson should use violence in the field. Therefore, the committee and the university will take necessary actions for this behavior. You can check out the whole incident here  

What do you think about the activities of John Amores? Please share your opinion with us.

John Amores’ Age and other details: FAQs

Q1: What is the age of John Amores?

A: John Amores is around 20-25 years old.

Q2: What happened to John on the field?

A: John was charged with violence during the match on November 8, 2022.

Q3: Who is John Amores’ girlfriend?

A: No information about John’s girlfriend is available on the internet.

Q4: What’s the height of John Amores?

A: The height of John Amores is 5 Ft 4 inches. 

Q5: What is the name of John’s Father?

A: John’s father name is not available.

Q6: What is the name of John’s University?

A: The name of John Amores is Jose Rizal University (JRU).

Q7: What is the reason behind the fight?

A: The reason behind the fight is still unknown. 

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