Joe Biden Falling Meme (March 2021) What’s All About?


Joe Biden Falling Meme (March 2021) What’s All About? >> The write-up describes the news so that intended citizens can check it and retweet it if they desire.

Have you watched the sudden fight between conservatives and republicans on Joe Biden’s fall? The news is about how people react to US President Joe Biden’s sudden fall while boarding the aircraft.  

The citizens of the United States are eager to know more about the news. Read this news on Joe Biden Falling Meme till the end to get more details.

Knowing the incident

On 19th March 2021, when the US president was about to fly to Georgia, Joe Biden accidentally stumbled thrice while climbing on the Air Force Once. 

The President of America was boarding the aircraft, and on the mid-way, he suddenly stumbled three times. After he struggled for the first time, he managed to get recovered quickly, holding the railing on his right hand but slipped again.

Last time he dropped his knee but stood up quickly. He moved up, turned, saluted, and entered in the plane

Reactions on social media

As soon as the incident got captured on camera, it got circulated widely on social media across the world. Joe Biden Falling Meme started circulating, including Twitter. Experts in Photoshop and memers began making memes of Joe Biden’s sudden fall. 

What did Biden’s Press Secretary inform?

The 78-year old United States President broke his right foot in November 2020. Concerning this injury, Biden’s press secretary, Karine Jean Pierre, informed that Biden is doing a 100 per cent fine even though Biden stumbled three times. Karine also reported that the doctor checked the US Presidents’ injury, if any, and declared that he is wonderful.

Karine, blaming the wind, mentioned to the press that it was pretty windy outside, and it was pretty impossible to climb up steps. 

What are the Joe Biden Falling Meme? 

The meme which become extremely popular is the Endless Stars from Super Mario 64. This meme got more than 9000 views and 290 retweets in just five hours. 

Another popular meme is 21st Century Humor, designed by iFunny user Nikolas. This meme got excellent editing with cartoon sound effects, and it gained 1100 smiles in five hours. 

The next one is Ayo the Pizza Here. AltRightShark posted this meme, and in four hours, it gained more than 600 smiles.

One meme mentions that there should be a warning sign mentioning “Wind Danger” as a part of safety modifications to the Air Force One Ramp. 

People’s reaction on Twitter

Twitter flooded with variant comments on Joe Biden Falling MemePersonalities across the world expressed their feelings on this social media platform on the US President’s sudden tripping.

Steven Beschloss mentioned that tripper on the steps is hardly pathetic than climbing the Air Force Once with Toilet paper clinging. 

Naom Blum mentioned that Joe Biden has already made more trips on Air Force One than the former President did in four years. 

However, we don’t support such memes made on delicate personalities. 


So, you can take different hilarious memes made on the sudden fall of Joe Biden while climbing on the Air Force One. 

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