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This article covers all the details about Jô Mora Com Quem and other details of his demise.

Very few people are that talented at making you laugh and giving you immense happiness. Right? Do you know about the famous comedian from Brazil that just passed away?

This famous comedian passed away at the age of 84, and the reason needs to be disclosed yet. He was reported to be hospitalized from the end of July. People are searching and reading about Jô Mora Com QuemLet’s see more.

Who Was Com Quem?

Com Quem was a live comedian that has served and performed around the continent for an extended period. He was known for the fast launch of his career and great peak after a short period. SBT launched him. It is a production house that has launched many other artists as well. After his launch, a survey recorded that he was the highest-paid artist in the Brazilian industry. 

At Globo, he was paid nearly $ 5 million a month. Also, his books were rated as best-selling. Jô Mora Com Quem earned $620 thousand just by selling his book. He has nearly every possible asset that costs a fortune. Before his death, people reported that he lived in quite an expensive state, Higienopôlis. It is one of the most upscale areas of São Paulo. 

His personal life was quite open, and it is known that he was married to Therezinha Millet somewhere between 1959 and 1979. They had a son Rafael Soares who tragically died in an accident. So currently, there is no heir to his fortune. His ex-wife Flavia is the existing member.

 Jô Mora Com Quem– Other Details

Com Quem was nauseous for quite a long time, and a family doctor diagnosed him with pneumonia. He was admitted to Sìrio- Libanês hospital in São Paulo. He was admitted there on 28 July 2022. The reported time of death is 2:30 a.m. He was known for “Programa Do Jô,” broadcast from 2000 to 2016. 

This sad news was reported by his ex-wife Flávia Pedra in morning. It has been reported that the funeral service has been served and reserved just for the family members of Jô Mora Com Quemand the place is yet to be announced. 

His ex-wife wrote a heartwarming message with a picture on her social networking page where she thanked God and Quem for the life that he had given her. Her post was widely restored as Quem was one of the best personalities around the continent.


People leave, but their footsteps in the lives of people remain. This man is known for his comedy and playwriting, production, direction, painting, acting, interviewing, screenwriting and much more. He has not limited himself to one place. Jô Mora Com Quem was known as the trademark of humor. In one of his interviews, he stated that he was born with talent and never tried to achieve it through fabrications. 

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