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The article discusses Jane Simmons Missouri, and also focuses on the recent accident incident of Jane. Read the article and know more.    

Do you know Jane Simmons? Just a few days back, Simmons was hit by a vehicle on the highway. The incident took the life of Simmons. After the incident, the police started the investigation. After the examination, police said- Bowyer, whose car hit Simmons, can’t be responsible for the mishap.

The news came, and many people searched the report on the internet in the United States. But we need to check the matter and find out some information about Jane Simmons Missouri. 

What Do You Know about Simmons?

Simmons’s full name is Mary J Simmons. Simmons died on June 5 2022. She lived in Missouri, and her age was 47. But on June 5, a car hit Simmons. On the day, Simmons was walking on the grass cover road. The area is between the highway and the road.

When Simmons got into the road, the car hit her, and she got injured. Later the doctor disclosed she had died. After the incident, the police started the investigation. But police are confused about Simmons’s whereabouts in the road area. Bowyer’s car had hit her at 65 Mph on highway number 54.

Mary Jane Simmons Obituary

In the meanwhile, people are also searching Simmons’s obituary. Many people from Simmons city are also taking references from the social media platform. We have searched internet links to find out Simmons’s obituary as well.

We find that Simmons was born on August 26, 1974. Simmons’s father’s name was Donald, and his mother was Susan. In childhood, Simmons spent her time in the Lake of Ozarks. In her youth, Simmons learnt fishing and camping. Simmons liked adventure and listening to music. The lady also enjoyed travelling to different places and was heart accommodating.

Jane Simmons Missouri

Many people said Simmons liked to spend time with her family. Simmons has a son. The name of the son is Levi Hartwell. Simmons also has a daughter Haley Hurn. Simmons also has two sisters. After her death, the family members demanded an investigation.

Police have done the investigation, and after that, the local authority informed Bowyer was not responsible for the accident. The investigation team also reported the matter to the Simmons family. But no statement has been made by the Simmons family. Presently, people are searching online for Mary Jane Simmons Obituary. 

Why is the News Trending?

The news is trending for many reasons. In this accident Client, Bowyer’s name is involved. Bowyer is a famous Nascar driver and is presently an analyst with Fox Sports. Bowyer’s car hit Simmons on the highway on June 5. 

Many news media have published the news on many newspapers and news portals. For this reason, the information is circulating among the people.


At last, we can say the police have submitted the final report. But many people are not satisfied with this investigation. On the social media platform, these people are demanding a proper investigation. On the other hand, people also search about Jane Simmons Missouri

Many of the data is taken from valuable internet sources. But if you want to know the obituary, you can check the link. What is your opinion about the investigation? Please comment.

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