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We have provided all the details on James Clive in this post on James Clive Obituary and have tried to address many questions about him.

Do you know Clive James at all? Clive James: Does He Still Exist? It is an issue that is frequently on peoples’ thoughts. People everywhere, especially in Canada, are eager to learn the truth. To learn if Clive James is still alive, read the article below. Don’t forget to check in for additional details, such as his obituary, quotes, Clive James daughter and more.

This site on James Clive obituary will answer all of your questions about him and include information on his obituary as well.

James Clive : Who Is He?

From 1962 till his death in 2019, Australian writer, reporter, presenter, and author Clive James spent much of his time as CBE FRSL in the UK. He began his work as a critic specializing in television before accepting a post as a broadcast reviewer for The Guardian in 1972, where he developed a known for his cutting, deadpan humor. During this time, he began to write poetry and satire under his name.

Clive James Quotes

Clive James most well-known work, or quote, was called Clive James Death Poem. Throughout his career, he wrote numerous quotes and poems, some of which are well-known worldwide. Are you curious to know some famous quotes of Clive?

Here are a few lines. “Fiction is life with dull bits left out. A life beyond fame can be a good life, but fame devoid of existence is no living at all.” In his life, he wrote so many famous Quotes which are unforgettable for the people. And these are some famous Clive James Quotes.

James Clive: Does He Still Exist?

James spent a lot of his formative years smoking and drinking heavily. When James revealed in April 2011 that he was “near the end” of his life and had “battled” B-cell chronic lymphocytic leukaemia, it sparked media speculation that he had undergone renal failure. In June 2012, James announced this. He said that late in 2010, he was also given an emphysema and kidney failure diagnosis. On November 24, 2019, James passed away in his Cambridge home. The second concern is where the James Clive Obituary came from.

James Clive Net worth

According to the statistics we collected from a few reputable websites, Clive James’ net worth as of 2022 is $120 million. The consequence we offered is founded on 2022. The projected amount comprises reimbursement from his effort based on his earlier work and a little more other skills. 


To summarise this post, we have provided information about James Clive, his famous quotes, his net worth, and his obituary. We also think that he may have chosen investments that would have doubled his returns and increased the value of his Networth. 

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