Is Walmart Going To Stop Using Plastic Bags (March) Read

Is Walmart Going To Stop Using Plastic Bags

Is Walmart Going To Stop Using Plastic Bags (March) Read >> This article details the ban on plastic bags and checking if the news is authentic.

Is Walmart Going to Stop Using Plastic Bags posts have been trending on the internet, with people across the United States wanting to check if it is true? Plastic has been a significant  contributor to pollution, with major trouble caused due to single-use plastics. As per studies, the global use of plastics amounts to 1 trillion each year, and only 10% of it gets recycled.

Considering the impact on the environment, many companies have opted to use plastic bags by bringing a complete ban on them. Let’s check if Walmart is following the suit or not in this article.

Why is Plastic Bags Banned?

The news of Is Walmart Going to Stop Using Plastic Bags comes after “the paper bag only” initiative implemented by the State of Vermont last year July. Following the initiative, the use of plastics for shopping bags were banned. Furthermore, it received good reception and support from retailers and customers as they decided to lower the use of plastics in their daily use.

Considering the positive response, Walmart has also decided to convert every Vermont Store bagless and say no to plastic bags. Now let’s take a deeper look into the news.

Is Walmart Going to Stop Using Plastic Bags?

Confirming the news of going bagless, Walmart stated their commitment to increasing sustainable initiatives that support the environment and people. Additionally, it aims to target zero emissions in all its global operations within the span of the coming two decades.

About Use of Plastics

A shopping bag is something that everyone comes in contact with, whether it is interacting in every store or grocery shopping, purchasing milk, or other errands. While plastic shopping bags make it convenient, the bags’ average working life is only 12 minutes. Thus, stating further on Is Walmart Going to Stop Using Plastic Bags, many retailers are also looking for other alternative solutions.

As per studies, 100 million plastic bags are used annually only in the United States, and herein only 10% of them get recycled. The remaining gets settled in the beach and sea, thereby leading to pollution.

Aspiring for Zero Waste 

For the same reason, Walmart has joined hands with Beyond the Bag initiative, acting as the founding partner. Its primary objective is to accelerate the innovation of required solutions for a sustainable environment.


Thus, the answer for Is Walmart Going to Stop Using Plastic Bags is yes. The ban will be effective from February 15 across all Vermont stores, where users will no more be provided plastic bags for purchase. 

It is a way towards ensuring to reduce the use of plastics from our daily lives, thereby contributing to the environment’s best. Walmart’s latest initiative is on the same lines to contribute to limiting the use of plastic bags used for shopping in all its Vermont shops.

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