Is Viugou Legit (Aug 2021) Check Authentic Reviews Now!

Is Viugou Legit 2021

Is Viugou Legit (Aug 2021) Check Authentic Reviews Now! >> Please read this article to get an idea of a newly launched portal’s legitimacy, dealing with women fashion and musical instruments.

Do you want to update your attire with the latest styles? Are you passionate about creating tunes? Have you come across a new portal called Viugou and want to thank your lucky stars that it provides garments and musical instruments under one roof? Well, we would suggest you hold your horses before entering this website. 

In this write-up, we have discussed Is Viugou Legit, which shall provide shoppers from many nations, especially the United States, with clarity regarding this website

Is Viugou Scam?

Please read the below facts thoroughly, which we have gathered over our research on the Web regarding this platform. 

  • Website Trust Score – 1%, which is labeled as a “Very Bad Trust Score”.
  • Domain Registration– The website was created on 22 July 2021.
  • Website Age – The age of the website is just 18 days; Owner InformationNo data is provided regarding the owners.
  • Alexa ranking – It is 27,56,825 which seems extremely poor.
  • Social Media Connection – This website does not have any social media presence, which reaffirms your opinion about Is Viugou Safe.
  • Content Originality – The wording of the portal’s Privacy Policy mentions another website name, so it is copied.
  • Customer Reviews – There are no customer reviews or ratings.
  • Contact Details Genuineness – The contact address belongs to a residential house and not that of the website. The contact number is also not genuine as it is linked to many websites. 

Based on the above findings, it is comprehensible that this portal is not legit and we consider it suspicious. 

What Is Viugou?

Viugou is an online electronic commerce website that sells a wide variety of female clothing items such as dresses, tops, bottom wear, and shoes. Please continue reading to answer your query Is Viugou Legit. The portal also provides musical instruments like pianos, guitars, violins, saxophones, and percussion.  


  • Website Type – An online portal is dealing with female garments and musical instruments.
  • Website Address –
  • E-mail Id – (it is a generic address on a web managing application and not of the portal itself).
  • Telephone Number – (120) 529 56529 (This number is linked to other e-commerce portals as well).
  • Contact Address –The address is 5110, Elyria Avenue, Lorain, Ohio – 44055, United States (This address is of a residential plot and does not pertain to the website, which is a vital finding concerning Is Viugou Legit).
  • Price of Products – provided in US Dollars.
  • Shipping Policy – Within 1-3 working days of order placement. Free shipment for orders above $50, $9.95 otherwise.
  • Return Policy – A 30 days return of item receipt is accepted, with some products’ exceptions. 
  • Refund Policy – The Company offers a refund within 48 hours for PayPal and 7-14 business days for credit cards. 
  • Sort By Option – Available
  • Filtering Option – Not available
  • Terms and Conditions – Provided
  • Privacy Policy – Mentioned with a different website name.
  • Social Media Linking – Absent
  • Payment Policy – Provided
  • Payment Methods –Visa, MasterCard, and PayPal.


There are hardly any good aspects of this website, which we have noted below to clarify your doubt Is Viugou Legit.

  • The developer has jotted down the Terms and Conditions elaborately. 
  • The exceptions to returning an item and refund have been mentioned clearly.


Please find below the displeasing facts about this portal.

  • A dangerous computer virus was spotted on this website on 26 July 2021.
  • The absence of social media and customer reviews, and that it is a new site ensue in wariness about this website.
  • The “About Us” section does not mention the owner’s information. Instead, it refers to all the instances that the portal is not responsible for, such as technical errors and loss of the products, which raises the alarm. 
  • There are too many products on the website, which creates doubts. 

Viugou Reviews

There are no citations of this portal on review portals like Reddit, Quora, or Amazon, which portrays that the site is naïve and unsafe. These platforms often cause counterfeits, and in this regard, here are some Easy and Simple methods of refund from paypal, for your perusal. 


We suggest you not purchase products from this illicit site. Before indulging in such portals, please go through How to Get a Refund on Credit Card, If Scammed, to remain cautious. You would like to learn about violins  to increase your knowledge. 

Please share with us what you thought at the first look at this website, Is Viugou Legit

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