Is Usgoodssale com Scam {Aug 2021} Read Reviews Here!

Is Usgoodssale com Scam 2021

Is Usgoodssale com Scam {Aug 2021} Read Reviews Here! >> This article is a detailed analysis of an e-commerce site selling kitchen electronics, pools and sandals.

Do you want to explore a wide range of products? Do you love to shop online for a reasonable price? Would you love it if you could get all types of electronics, barbeques and grills and foot wares all in one place? Then there is a website that claims to have it all under its domain, and that too at a fantastic price tag.

The e-commerce site is currently registered in the United States and is delivering all over the Country. But the question still arises, Is Usgoodssale com Scam or genuine? Read along, for we unfold the truth.

What is the genuineness of the Website?

  • Domain age: Very New, just 11 days old. Created on 01 August 2021.
  • Payment options: Many payment options are available such as credit cards, and other internet banking facilities
  • Social Media handles None mentioned on the Website.
  • Trust Score: Just 1% denoting that it is not trustworthy.
  • Owners Information: Not mentioned.
  • HTTPS protocol was detected.
  • Alexa Score: 3,481,684, which is very low, implying unpopularity.
  • Customer Reviews: Usgoodssale com Reviews is not present on the Website and the prices mentioned are also very unrealistic.

It can be understood that the Website is new and might take time to get famous. Still, the too reasonable prices are unrealistic and also, the anonymity of the owners’ information is a serious concern. The question remains, what is the actual story behind the Website?

What is the actual narrative of the Website?

The e-commerce website is relatively recent with a short life expectancy and sells almost all electronic items such as air conditioners, electric barbeques and grill machines. The company is a bit out of track as it also sells portable swimming pools and various kinds of slippers and sandals. So, Is Usgoodssale com Scam? Let’s look into some of its specifications.


  • URL:
  • Email:
  • Address: 100 Wood Hollow Drive, Suite 10 Novato, CA 94945
  • Contact: Not specified anywhere.
  • Category: Website selling kitchen electronics and footwear.
  • Return policy: Offers 30-day returns but terms and conditions applicable.
  • Refund Policy: After approval, the payment is transferred within 2-3 weeks
  • Plagiarism: The e-commerce site is not fully plagiarized; however, almost 50% of the design is plagiarized.

The specifications of the Website are satisfactory, but that cannot be a deciding factor for concluding the fact whether the Website is as trustworthy and genuine as it claims or not. To answer the very question Is Usgoodssale com Scam, let us look into some of the pros and cons of the Website.


  • There is an HTTPS protocol detected.
  • The Website offers various essential electronic appliances and footwear which are helpful is day-to-day working.
  • The company also has a return and refund policy which is a plus point.
  • The company also has a flexibility of payment options such as credit and debit cards, Paypal and internet banking.

Usgoodssale com Reviews also receive some cons of the Website, which are essential to keep in mind while making any purchase or transactions.


  • The Website is very newly established.
  • The trust score of the Website is also just 1% making it very less trustworthy.
  • The Website has no direct contact numbers to establish communication.
  • The prices mentioned are unbelievable and seem to be a fraud.
  • There is absolute anonymity in the owner’s information, and also there is no customer reviews present.

Customer Reviews to know Is Usgoodssale com Scam:

The Website does not sport any customer reviews anywhere. However, the studies by customers are an essential aspect to find out whether or not purchases and transactions are reliable from the Website. The unrealistic price tag certainly has an angle of doubt which cannot be waived off. Upon research, it was found out that most neutral customers of the United States are not comfortable making purchases as the site is too new and has a lousy popularity rating.

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Final Verdict:

So, Is Usgoodssale com Scam? The Final Verdict is brutal to give on this one as the Website is very new that is just 11 days, so it needs to be given some time to get established. But also, the fact remains that the Website has no customer reviews and very little trustworthiness. Therefore, we would recommend avoiding making any purchases or transactions from this Website. 

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