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This article shares details about the question Is Ultraflix Games Scam or not and its trustworthiness.

There is a massive demand for video games globally, and as leisure time increased during a pandemic, it has also increased the level of demand. Are you also a staunch lover of video games? If yes, this article would help you find a website to gain video games at reasonable rates. People from the United States are more interested to know about such details, so we are here to provide you with the information about Is Ultraflix Games Scam or not. So, let’s begin our discussion. 

Is Ultraflix Games authentic? 

  • The first factor is the domain age of the website. It is nearly about one year old as it was created on 1st December 2020. So, accordingly, it is about to be one year old. But this cannot be the sole source of its legitimacy. 
  • The second factor is the social media presence, and this website does not have social media presence, therefore increasing the suspicion. Social media is essential for legitimacy. 
  • The third factor is that the reviews or the Ultraflix Games Reviews could not find any consumer reviews about this website. Thus, it is increasing the suspicion about the platform. 
  • There is an inferior trust score of the website; it seems that it has a 0.8 trust score out of 100. 
  • There is mention of email address, contact details, but this cannot be the sole source of legitimacy.  
  • The website also does not have any Alexa ranking. 
  • It has HTTPS certification, but still, it seems to be suspicious.

Therefore, we would not recommend you invest your money in this website. We hope you have got clear information about Is Ultraflix Games Scam

What is 

It provides online video games and various accessories to consumers for their usage and enjoyment. It considers and possesses various types of games, and therefore it can be said that it has a vast collection of brands in video games. It is easy for people to access various brands at one destination, which reduces their time and also helps to make their work easier. There is a collection of various play stations, Xbox series, Camper, PS video games, Occulus Quest games, and various other games. So, as you understood about the website, we hope you might have also got clarifications about Is Ultraflix Games Scam; let’s see some of its specifications.


  • Type of website: E-commerce website.
  • Type of Product: Video games. 
  • URL:
  • Domain Name: 
  • Domain age: It is nearly one year old. 
  • Email ID:
  • Contact number: +12138634538
  • Address: Jarvis St Hamburg, NY 14219, United States
  • Social Media presence: It is not present on social media platforms.
  • Payment Method: It accepts all types of online payment methods.
  • Certification: It has HTTPS Certification. 
  • Shipping Policy: It charges on the shipping method and your modes of shipping. 
  • Return Policy: It accepts the return of products within seven days of delivery.
  • Refund Policy: It has a return policy within 10 days of delivery. 
  • Reviews: Not available. 

Pros to know: Is Ultraflix Games Scam? 

  • Some advantages include that this website has a vast collection of video games to choose your desired games.
  • There is transparency about the website, which is seen from its address and contact details. 
  • It has all types of payment modes which is convenient for the consumers. 
  • It has valid HTTPS certification, which secures your privacy from third-party intervention. 
  • It has a refund option which is the best quality of the website. 

Cons of using 

  • The website is not very popular among consumers. 
  • There is no social media presence that can determine the legitimacy of the website. 
  • The owner’s information is also not available on this website. 

What are Ultraflix Games Reviews

As per our research, we did not find any consumer reviews about this website. This is the primary source to determine the legitimacy and services of the website. The absence of the same increases the suspicion. So, we would not recommend this website to invest your money into. We hope this information is clear to you and you will take wise decisions according to this analysis. 

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Final Verdict: 

You might be interested in video games and how to use them, so you might be searching for a website that provides video games. We hope you are clear with the question of “Is Ultraflix Games Scam.” or not.

What is your view of the website? You can share your views in the comment section below.

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