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Is Turbotax A Scam {Feb} A Must Needed Taxation Answer

Is Turbotax A Scam {Feb} A Must Needed Taxation Answer -> Follow this news article to know the legitimacy of software that deals with income tax returns.

Is Turbotax A Scam” is a kind of question that the people of the United States have been searching for, for a long time. Many scams are dealing with income tax file returns, and the framework of that scam is so legit to make anyone fall inside.

 But there are some excellent firms and software packages for the preparation of American income tax returns. Today, in this article, we will talk about ‘Turbotax,’ a platform that prepares income tax files and returns for America’s people. So, stick around this article to know more about the legitimacy the firm has.

Is Turbotax A Scam?

Believe us or not, but the internet has all the essential information that would conclude the legitimacy of Turbotax. From owning a home to counting every single penny spent on tax, Turbotax has been very prominent and legit software that is the fastest and safest in the market to deal with income tax returns. 

We went through customer reviews available on the internet, and the positive comments were commendable. The software has its social media pages open with the verified blue tick that confirms its work or the brand. So, the answer to “Is Turbotax A Scam” is that no, it is not.

 People of the United States have been found quite satisfied and happy with the brand and the work it delivers. The positive comments related to the company are high on numbers, but specifically, people were talking about the easy steps provided by this software.

What is Turbotax?

A package of software, Turbotax helps to prepare American income tax returns. The software is maintained and produced by Intuit. 

 Apart from being just one of the top software, Turbotax or Intuit has investigated because of some fraudulent nature, and that is where the question “Is Turbotax A Scam” arises. 

Controversies about Turbotax

Intuit, the maker or the producer of Turbotax, has been lobbied multiple times by Internal Revenue System for creating its online system of tax filing as exist in most other wealthy countries.

 The company has been in controversies for blocking search engines from indexing its ‘Free File Program’. In 2015, the company was booked for some fraudulent return claims as well.


As a last but not least point, we can say that Turbotax has been in many controversies, but no doubt that this is one of the leading software in the US that deals with income tax returns which helps the residents for filing the returns on time. 

We found hundreds of positive reviews and customer comments, which clarified the answer to “Is Turbotax A Scam”. We can say that the company is not a scam but famous among the masses.

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