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Is Tim Hortons Scam (Nov 2021) Let Us Read About It!

Is Tim Hortons Scam (Nov 2021) Let Us Read About It! >> Want to know whether the gift card offer is actual or not? Please refer to the below article.

Is Tim Hortons Scam: Hey! Readers, did you get an email from an anonymous email address saying that you have won a gift card from Tim Hortons? Then please know its legitimacy in this article before taking any action.

Tim Hortons is a famous fast food restaurant in Canada. It serves mainly Doughnuts, coffee, and many fast food items. Tim Horton’s gift card was announced and many across the worldwide want to know its legitimacy? Suppose you’re also in search of the same content, then please stay tuned with us.

What is Tim Hortons?

Know here about what Tim Hortons is? And Is Tim Hortons Scam ? It is a multinational restaurant headquarters located in Canada. Canadian famous Hockey player Tim Horton founds it. At first, only two products were sold – coffee and doughnuts soon; its popularity hit the peak and was loved by many worldwide. Now many baked and fast foods are served along with its authentic coffee and doughnuts

Tim Hortons Key Details

  • Industry type: Multinational restaurants
  • Founded: May 17, 1964 (about 56 years ago)
  • Founded by: Tim Horton, Ron Joyce and Jim Charade
  • Headquarters: Located in Toronto, Canada
  • Locations: 4,846 restaurants in 14 countries. 

Is Tim Hortons Gift Card a Scam?

Is Tim Hortons Scam? Let us know here. Many got an email from “Tim Hortons” saying they won a gift card worth $200. Knowing the authenticity of this kind of email are utter important otherwise, you end up being scammed.

Based on our research, it is fake news no official declaration of giving away gift cards from Tim Horton is made, so please stay away from this kind of trap.

List of a Few Fake Offers

  • Free $100 Tim Hortons Gift Card (for a limited time only)!

Tim Hortons is currently giving away $100.00 gift cards!

  • Free $25 Tim Hortons Gift Card!

To celebrate our birthday, we are giving away thousands of $25 Gift Vouchers FREE!

Is Tim Hortons Scam: Users’ Reviews

We searched for people’s responses to the fake message here what people are saying. One of them says – ‘it is a scam mail, even I got’ one another says – ‘it’s a scam the email address its self is a giant red flag.’ 

One responds that – ‘as per, my knowledge it’s a scam, there is no official news from Tim Hortons about a gift card.’ 

How to Avoid and Report Scam Offers?

  • Everyone attract to freebies; scammers take this opportunity and trap you.
  • So make sure the offer is from a legit source.
  • Use some scam detectors website available online to check authenticity.
  • Make your friends and family aware of this scam.
  • Report scammers to the Federal Trade Commission. 

Is Tim Hortons Scam: Final Verdict

As per our research, the gift card giveaway news is fake; there is no official news from Tim Hortons. Maybe any scammer is trying to get your personal information. So please stay alert and don’t get into this trap. We hope you got a relevant answer and know how to avoid and report the scam offers.

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