Is Testingtime Legit (March 2021) Find The True Facts!


Is Testingtime Legit (March 2021) Find The True Facts! >> Let us find out together if this attractive website is legit and authentic or not.  Also read about the steps to make money online from this.

Did you hear about Want to know more about it? We will answer the most asked question by customers- Is Testingtime Legit

There has been a hype amongst people about earning £50 per project very quickly. There are no perquisites required of any expertise. However, anyone from the United Kingdom, Netherlands, and other worldwide countries can be shortlisted or titled ineligible.

Some say it is legit, and others say it is not. You need not worry because we will give you the correct answer.

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What is

Testing Time is an online usability testing platform that pays its employees or users to test and review new products. 

So, Is Testingtime Legit? You will learn later in the article.

The company was launched in 2014 and, since then, is recruiting users based on some specific criteria. It is a Switzerland-based startup website. They currently have 80,000 users working under highly qualified and experienced people.

How does the platform work?

Some say that working with this website is much easier when compared to other testing websites. They do not require any professional skills or qualifications. But you must have basic computer skills and language proficiency. 

In the article, Is Testingtime Legit, we mention the basic steps to start working with Testing Time:

  • Begin your profile by clicking on ‘become a test user.
  • You are required to enter your email address, phone number, geographic details and other personal information. All this is needed to know yourself better.
  • Once your profile is complete and verified, you will automatically get notifications regarding any test in the future.
  • You can participate in tests, and upon successful participation, they will ask you to enter payment options. And then you will receive your payment successfully.

Is Testingtime Legit?

We are mentioning below some key points that will automatically answer your question:

  • The website has an old domain age.
  • They have received mixed customer reviews with generally positive.
  • The platform is very particular in choosing people based on their profile.
  • The transactions are made securely through PayPal.
  • The personal details asked in your profile are safe and secure.

Customer Reviews: has given the website an excellent rating of 4.6 stars based on 338 reviews.

Many people have mentioned that the platform is authentic and legit. They say that work is provided regularly and they make the payment on time.

However, some do not recommend it because of the personal details that they ask for.

Final Verdict:

Is Testingtime Legit? Yes. The large number of positive reviews and a complete social media profile of Testing Time point to this. 

The company mentions that more work is provided to people from United Kingdom, Netherlands, Europe and other nearby regions. The website asks for your personal details to know your profile better and to offer you specific work. 

You must remember that you might not get much work because of your geographic location.

Do let us know in the comment section below if this review was helpful to you and if you joined Testing Time or not.

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