Is Syco Fidget Store Legit {June 2021} Read Fair Review!

Is Syco Fidget Store Legit {June 2021} Read Fair Review!

Is Syco Fidget Store Legit {June 2021} Read Fair Review! >> Read the blog to know the legitimacy of this portal which sells fidgets items at a very low price.

Have you ever tried shopping from online portals? Are they safe? We will let you know about the shopping portals that provide anti-anxiety fidget items at a special discount value. 

People Worldwide suffer from some of the other unconscious, involuntary movements, so these items by the Syco Fidget Store are useful.

Let us check out the details of this site. However, this is important for us to know, Is Syco Fidget Store Legit or not?

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About Is Syco Fidget Store a scam or Not:

There are certain criteria we need to see before trusting a website. So let us check the points:

  • The website claims its Brand Creation Date as of 14 March 2021and is registered as
  • We have found many pages on different social media channels but has no likes and no followers.
  • The owner information of the website is missing and has poor popularity in the offline market.
  • We have noticed one more thing on the website that there are no Syco Fidget Store Reviews.
  • Most of the content of this site is plagiarized, nearly 80% and a bad trust Score, which is only 1%
  • There is only one payment method that is PayPal.  

Since the above information we have got is not enough to trust an unknown website, we would say to wait for any review to proceed further. 

What is Syco Fidget Store?

This is an online store for different fidget items that are very handy and useful in daily terms.

This is necessary before buying items to know Is Syco Fidget Store Legit or not

It includes a rubber popup, silicon cubes, mobile covers, a bean-shaped fidget, stress ball, wacky track, mesh ball and many more.

Here you can easily choose the items through well-categorized pictures as per your choice. The site is young and new but has a huge collection and manages to provide policy like return, refund, etc.

The site is famous Worldwide and provides items that are very useful for the one who suffers from anxiety and unconscious activities. 


  • This portal provides fidget items, but buyers wish to confirm Is Syco Fidget Store Legit and then buy items like a stress ball and phone covers.
  • Some information is not available, like address and contact number. 
  • The Email Address is
  • Delivery cost is determined after the check-out time and takes 7-20 working days for the shipping.
  • Return is available under some circumstances mentioned on the website. 
  • There is no exchange policy on the website. 
  • Payment method is PayPal.


  • The site has a wide collection of handy items made of fibres.
  • The site has presented the pictures of different products very well and making it easy to choose the best but be sure Is Syco Fidget Store Legit or not?
  • The site includes various anti-stress items, which are handy and can be played through the fingers.


  • The site has a very poor trust score of only 1%, which is very bad to trust the website.
  • Reviews that are crucial for any young website are missing from the website.
  • This site has not mentioned its address and contact details 
  • The site has low brand popularity and has poor connectivity to other social media networks.
  • The site has not mentioned some of the very basic information like exchange policy.

What are Syco Fidget Store Reviews?

The website has failed to trust the buyer’s mind as it has not mentioned any of the good remarks for it. Moreover, the site has no followers and no ratings on the pages of social media network. Also, there is no reviews on any other trustable site as well. Do you ever faced credit card-related issues, click the link here?


This portal provides fidgets items like popups, cute keychains, infinity cubes, toys set for children. However, our researches say that this site is poor in brand popularity and no reviews by so it difficult to trust the website, so make a full investigation as this seems suspicious. 

So, Is Syco Fidget Store Legit or not is crucial to know before making any deal with this website.

Which shopping site you prefer the most? Let us know in the comment section. Have you ever been scammed by Paypal? Tap the link. w price.

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