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Is Sterilizek Scam {Feb 2021} All Worth Unbiased Review!

Is Sterilizek Scam {Feb 2021} All Worth Unbiased Review! >> An impressive tool to have during Covid times, but is it legit? Read the article to find out!

Is Sterilizek Scam; amid covid, there have been many new inventions and innovations are coming up to help the infected people. And also for people to be safe from the infections. Some products are legit, and some are a scam.

In this article, we will discuss the product as it is fascinating but is it legit? The website claims to be shipping worldwide.

If you are a citizen of the United States, you must be aware as this product claims to be developed there.

Let us find out more about the product in details below.

Is the product legit or any clue for ‘Is Sterilizek Scam’?

The product takes a suspicious turn as there are some loopholes in it, like why are there reviews only on the official website and not on any other platform?

When taken a good look on the website, it seemed all sceptical as the website was offering a significant discount on the product, which is not beneficial for any company to offer such a huge deal.

What Does the mean from ‘?

Sterilizek is a product which is solely marketed on the product’s website; the website has only one effect displayed for sale. Besides this, there is nothing else available on the website.

The website was registered on 30th July 2020; there are various clips displayed of the product on the website. The website has a lot of information displayed about the product claiming the product is made by Americans for citizens of the United States.

The website has Sterilizek USA Reviews of people who bought the product also the website allows the consumers to buy in bulk of 6 with discounts. The amount of deals depends on the number of products purchased.

Specifications of Sterilizek 

  • The product comes in two different types of models; wireless and with the socket connection.
  • The wireless one works on a battery of 3600 mah which can work for four hours and also is charged having a smart LED for indication also includes a larger bottle of 800ml.
  • The other model has to be attached to a socket for use.
  • The products are priced at $129.95 and $159.95 after a discount. 
  • The product features smart stream nanotechnology, which makes the product ten times more potent than any other product.
  • Another feature is that the product has smart harmful ion lamps that kill viruses, germs etc. but buyers have the query in their mind that ‘Is Sterilizek Scam’
  • The bottle is to be filled with a disinfectant that has to be diluted with water, and 100% alcohol cannot be used.
  • The product package includes the product, an empty bottle and a user manual.

Pros of buying the product

  • The product has an impressive advanced technology that can clean infectious areas.
  •  There are many discounts available on the website.
  • The product is shipped worldwide and free in some countries.

Cons of buying the product

  • The site is too young for trusting in buying from the website.
  • The pictures and clips used on the website seem animated and not real.
  • There are reviews present on the website, but they cannot be considered.

What are people saying about the product?

Is Sterilizek Scam is a question that occurs on any consumer who will visit the site for this product. The idea used for this product are very much needed in such times, but the loopholes regarding the legitimacy of the product say something else.

There are reviews about this product on the official website but no mentions or thoughts about it on the internet, making it confusing for the viewers. There is no social media presence or any link for social media’s on the product website.

Social media plays a huge role to determine the product legitimacy; here there is none so we cannot determine the product’s legitimacy at this stage.

Conclusion on Is Sterilizek Scam:

We can conclude by stating that the product’s website is too young. Since having no reviews about the effect on the internet besides the official website, the product cannot be recommended.

If still, readers are interested in purchasing the product. Proper research is advisable before planning of purchase.

Mention your views about this product in the comment section below and share your opinions.

13 thoughts on “Is Sterilizek Scam {Feb 2021} All Worth Unbiased Review!”

  1. I ordered on and I came in a generic box for Blu-Ray Anion NanomSpray Gun and the words Sterilizek was nowhere on the product. It’s fake and phony!!! Don’t buy.







  3. Buyer be ware! I ordered 4 of these for Christmas gifts. I ordered them on December 4,2020 and paid an extra fee to have the order expedited.

    I began communicating with the company when the product was not delivered by Jan 1. I also told them to cancel the order as I no longer had a need or desire for them. They said the order could not be cancelled because they had already been shipped and they provided 2 tracking numbers. Neither of these tracking numbers were valid, so I opened a claim with American Express. The company then told me that if I didn’t receive my items by Jan. 23,2021, they would issue a refund for the product and the expedited shipping fee.

    Well, they did not arrive, so I asked for my credit. They said it had been sent to the shipping department for review. Then magically on January 27,2021, I received an unidentified box that had half of my order or 2 of the 4 units. The other 2 then arrived in January 27,2021.

    I then received a note from the company that since my items had been received, they would not allow them to be returned. I explained that I would like a return shipping label, so I could return them because their website clearly says they have a 100 percent money back Guarantee.

    The company then sent me a message “in writing” that said they do not refund money only replace product. I explained that this is not what the website says and they said it was my responsibility to read the small print.

    The bottom line is American Express reversed the charges because the company did not respond to their inquiry when I originally disputed the charge for the product and the expedited shipping fee at the beginning of January.

    I notified the company that I was willing to return the items as I had no use for them at this point, but if they did not send me a return shipping label, that I would just consider them a gift and discard them.

    I find it a shame that in this digital age that a company chooses to operate so unethically.

    Shame on them!

    Note: when I first requested they just cancel the order, they said they had already been shipped. Again, the tracking numbers they sent were bogus. Their website clearly states items are shipped directly from their facility in the United States. If this is the case they clearly lied as they would not have taken a month to get to me. I believe they had not been shipped, they just didn’t want to cancel the order. I also believe this is why there was no tracking or shipping information on my package.

    This is the last message I received from them copied and pasted here: ” Dear Customer, the purchasing department informs that you should read the Company’s Return Policy well, because in said Policy it specifies that it is until a certain date, currently the policy says, that product replacements are specifically made if it arrives in poor condition or does not work, and in that case the client must send evidence, to be evaluated by the technical staff, for subsequent approval.
    Likewise, our policy says that the cancellation period is one hour after the purchase is made.
    In your case, our staff has requested proof that your product was delivered in poor condition or does not work, and to date we have had no evidence from you.”

    Note: Website prominently states “Easy fast refunds and 30 day Money back guarantee”

  4. I purchased 2 wireless , they took forever to get
    Both did not have instructions or a charger
    They worked pretty good until one exploded while being charged and almost burned my building down
    I contacted the company and only received an e-mail stating my replacement unit with be shipped but does not have a tracking number , poor customer service , no one called or emailed to ask what happened , they should be recalled
    I think they are made in China but they claim American product for America , no markings on product or packaging

  5. Ordered 2 sterilizek , received 2 very inferior
    Units than what the website indicated. Although the ad in bold states easy 30 day money back guarantee, they give no refunds after 1 hour of placing order, and if you wanted to contact them by calling the customer service number provided, all you get is a recorded message stating due to COVID 19, systems under maintenance.
    They are a scam

  6. I ordered 5 units and paid in the amount 0f $719.75 last December 2,2020 and as of this date, February 25,2021, have not received anything. Sterilizek repeatedly providing me a tracking number that shows items not yet delivered to shipping company.

  7. Ordered a sterilization product . The name of the product was Sterilizek, a spray sanitizing machine with an LED light. The product that I received was in a box addressed Healthy Lifestyle 11th generation blue light atomizer and a small piece of paper with instruction with NANO on it, no name on the Product and no button that turns green or red when charging. I checked the website of Healthy Lifestyle and the cost is $79.99 while this company Sterilizek charged me $149.99. I emailed the company and they responded ( It works the same), Sterilizek is a FRAUD. I hope they will pay for what they doing to us, customers.


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