Is Soliz Bag Legit [Feb 2021] Get a Fair Review Here

Is Soliz Bag Legit 2020

Is Soliz Bag Legit [Feb 2021]  Get a Fair Review Here -> You should read this review post where we are going to talk about a fashionable crossbody bag with different colors.

Are you curious to know Is Soliz Bag Legit? You may be looking for some new handbags to add in your shopping list. But before you buy the Soliz bag, check for its legitimacy. When you know about the customer reviews of any product and its popularity, self-confidence is raised, and trust for the product increases. 

This is why we are here to provide you reviews for Soliz bag so that you do not regret your purchasing decisions. Most of the people from the United States are you interested in knowing about this crossbody bag. 

Let’s have a look at all the important details of this bag in the article below. 

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Is Soliz bag legit? 

If you are keen to find out about the legitimacy of this bag, make sure you did not miss reading our content till the end. When we searched for the essential points of this product, we come to know that it is not popular among online shoppers in the United States. 

Furthermore, the website has a Facebook page, but it is recently created, and not many people are aware of it. Because of this, we are not able to find out Soliz Bag Reviews. The product has many color options, but we could not found anything about the product quality due to the lack of many customer reviews. There are multiple websites selling similar kinds of the bag with a proper customer review section to clear our doubts. 

So, the best way is to stay away from this site as its legitimacy is not clear at all. 

What is Soliz Bag? 

Soliz Bag is a recently introduced product. The official website in which this product is sold is registered in 18 days ago. It is a kind of crossbody bag which is available in different colors. This is a small phone bag in which you can carry your everyday essentials.

Soliz Bag can be carried as a handbag if you keep your mobile phone in it. By looking at the product, we can say that it is of good quality but Is Soliz Bag Legit or scam is the biggest question. Only positive customer reviews are only available on the official website, which are good, and we should not trust it. 

Product Specifications: 

  • Product Type– Crossbody bag
  • Material Used- textured leather.
  • Size of the bag – 10×17×5 cm 
  • Length of the strap – 50 inches
  • The strap of the bag – Adjustable 
  • Suitable for keeping- lipstick, small makeup items, tissue paper, etc
  • The inner material of the bag- Microfiber Liner


  • Stylish looking crossbody bag 
  • everyday essentials can be easily carried 
  • It comes with different color options so that you can choose according to your preference 
  • Inside of the bag has dual open pocket 
  • Quality stitching


  • Few negative Soliz Bag Reviews are available. 
  • When you buy the product, you have to bear the shipping charges. 
  • All the customer reviews available on the website are good, whereas none other sites show good reviews. 

What are Soliz Bag Reviews? 

To find out reviews for any product, we look for customer reviews on different review websites and social media sites. So, when we were looking for reviews of this website, we were able to find only 1 customer review on Facebook. 

The review was not at all in favor of this bag. Even the customer wants to file a complaint against the company and called the company a complete scam. Still, we cannot make a sure decision on the basis of single customer review. But has already discussed that the product is new in the market and you will easily find some better alternatives, don’t buy from here.

Final verdict

Is Soliz Bag Legit? Most of the online shoppers are reading this question, and we finally decided to answer it. Our deep analysis of this product says that it cannot be a reliable choice. 

You should not buy this trendy looking back because its least popular on the web. It is new, and the customer review for the product is negative. Very few people are following the product on Facebook. It’s not the only trendy crossbody bag available online as you will find better deals on reliable sites. 

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  1. I received a box yesterday that said it was my bag, however it was a bunch of little star ornaments I did not order. No contact in in the box. SCAM? I want a refund!

  2. $73 for two bags, it took a month for them to arrive. Bags were not what they were advertised to be. Phone would not fit. Emailed solizbag to return, website said would return message in 24-48 hrs. Did not hear anything. I emailed again, nothing. I emailed a 3rd time. Still nothing. I just want to return for refund. Website has different mailing address than the package return address. I feel I have been scammed

  3. Hi, I ordered 2 bags on Jan 9, 2021 and haven’t received them yet.u took my money out of bank, but. I haven’t received. Them. Pls give me a return call and let me know when they will be sent! 605-940-7085, LeeAnn No Heart, thank you!

  4. It took over a month from the time I ordered to get my Soliz Bag. I wrote 2 emails asking for an update. I could see by the tracking that even after two weeks, the product had not left the warehouse. The bag was not leather, but vinyl with a strong smell. The bag was not like the picture, although I noticed that they have changed their pictures recently. The one I ordered had a second pocket that opened flat, like a book, with multiple card slots and a slip pocket for bills. The one I got only opened a few inches with only 4 card slots and no extra pocket. I think $15 would be about the right price because it is not leather. Colors are nice.

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