Is Seyrade Legit (May) Check And Read The Reviews Now!

Is Seyrade Legit (May) Check And Read The Reviews Now!

Is Seyrade Legit (May) Check And Read The Reviews Now! >> Do you want to buy decorative items for your home? Check this review before shopping for products from the new e-store at a considerable discount.

Are you fond of buying good items for your home? Have you checked Seyrade store? If yes, then must read out our today post- Is Seyrade Legit?

Seyrade is a great website with a collection of good items based on animal faces like cat, monkey, butterfly, and many more funny arts. The ultimate goal of this e-store is to deliver unique products that support every profession, hobby, passion, and sport.

This site is well-consider as aunqmall in the United States that is available for you to buy great products at a very affordable rate. So, let us find whether the website is best for the shop or just a big scam.

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Is Seyrade Legit?

To conclude the website’s legitimacy, we have checked all the points from top to bottom. Hence, you can come to the best buying decision.

  • The website’s domain is one month 12 days old, which means it was created on 2021-4-08.
  • While checking the “about us” page, we have not found details about ownership and their team.
  • The contact details, shipping, and refund policy pages are working correctly.
  • The website has excellent gardening, decorative and special father’s day gifts at a 50% discount.
  • The website has a poor trust score of 1%.
  • As per Scamdoc, the domain will expire soon.
  • The website is offering “Too good deals” which is an alarm of trap.
  • The website has no social media presence, which means zero Seyrade Reviews.
  • When we enter the website, we found the site’s actual name is which is different from its URL

As per rules, the site seems scam. But yes, it is new, so one should wait for its actual growth. Till then, we recommend not to buy from the online store.

What is

If you love to shop for suitable items for the garden, father’s day, or decorative arts, Seyrade will offer you great results. Additionally, all of their products are available at 50% off and good scheme i.e. buy 2 more items and save 8% off.

Isn’t that sounding interesting? At the same time, it is a considerable alarm of being scammed. To know Is Seyrade Legit, one must understand the function of the website.


  • Website URL-
  • Website Type- E-store of selling decorative, gardening and father’s day unique gifts
  • Company- Chengdu Xiangru department of commerce
  • Company address- IST floor, 102, No-28, Taisheng North Road, Qingyang, District Chengdu
  • Company email-address-
  • Company shipping policy- Free shipping is available only if an order is above $39.99
  • Company return policy- It is available only for 30 days after purchasing the product.
  • Payment method- PayPal
  • Special offer- 8% off-18% off on adding items along with 50% on all products

From the above details, we have found that the site is not legit. Therefore, you are requested to shop only when you have complete trust on the site. Let us find more about Is Seyrade Legit or not. 


  • The great promotion offers 8% off to 18% off
  • 50% off is available on all products
  • The site has the best collection of decorative items and gardening.
  • Best handmade father’s day gift options are available.
  • The site has a return and refund policy.


  • No social media presence
  • No ownership details are found
  • The site domain is one month old
  • Free shipping is available only at orders above $39.99
  • No customer reviews are found
  • Poor trust score

What are Seyrade Reviews?

Many people from the United States and more are excited to know customer reviews about Seyrade products. Hence, we have come with a genuine review that Seyrade seems a scam website.

As you checked earlier, the domain is new, and it is following the same pattern that most scam sites do. Hence, it is better to stay protected and boycott such sites even they are offering too great deals. Have you faced a Credit Card scam? Please read here

Final Words

As per the given details on today’s review– Is Seyrade Legit? We found it a scam. However, the site is young, and it is too early to claim anything. So, we recommend not to shop from the website and wait until when great information comes out. Scammed through PayPal? Take Action: Guide To Help You All!

Have you bought from this site? If yes, share your opinion about its legitimacy in the given comment box.

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