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Is Sewer a Word {July} Know Answer Of The Wordle Here!

This post on Is Sewer a Word will help our readers identify the correct answer to # 380 wordle by providing tips and clues.

Are you addicted to Wordle as well? It has become so popular that people in Australia, the United Kingdom, India, and the United States have adopted it as a daily practice. Wordle solutions are sometimes simple to guess, but it can be challenging for players to think of an unfamiliar wordle.

 In this post on Is Sewer a Word, we will provide hints and clues to the most recent Wordle answer. So, if you’re having difficulties guessing the #380 wordle, you’ve come to the correct place. More information can be found in this post.

Is sewer the correct answer?

There are so many similar-sounding words, and people have to guess the correct one in only six guesses. People think of words like Safer, Saber, Sapor, Saser, and Sewer, but all these answers are wrong. Many people picked the wrong answer, and their streaks were broken. Many people were confused with the word sewer as it is so easy to guess, and Sewer Definition is also very simple. It is an extensive underground waterway that transports garbage and rainwater.

 If you wish to solve it on your own, please use the tips and clues, as we will reveal the correct solution here: SEVER. 

Hints and clues for #380 wordle

  • It begins with the letter S.
  • It ends with the letter R.
  • It has two vowels.
  • Both vowels are similar.

Is it still difficult to guess? If yes, go to the answer given in the second paragraph. This time, the wordle answer was simple but difficult to guess.

Sewer Wordle 

Many people guessed sewer for today’s Wordle. However, the incorrect answer was so similar to the correct one that it confused people. That is why individuals looked up the definition of this word to distinguish between these two words.

How to play Wordle?

The rules are simple: guess a five-letter word in six attempts. As you enter letters into the boxes, the colour changes to show whether you have made the correct guess. It will turn green with the right answer, and as many people guessed the #380 task of this game as Sewer, and searched for its meaning Is Sewer a Word but it was incorrect, it will turn grey to indicate the wrong guess, and if you have supposed the correct letter but put it in the wrong box, it will turn yellow.

The wordle task is updated daily, and users wait for it to solve the new task with the correct word. It quickly became famous worldwide as it is a simple but entertaining game.


To summarise this post, we offered the correct answer to #380 wordle and suggestions for those who wanted to solve it independently. We also demonstrated how to play this simple and entertaining game. Check this link to know more about Wordle.

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