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Is Reelsassy Legit {June 2022} A comrehensive Review!

This post discusses the website Sassyreel.com which keeps all types of traditional clothes, and whether it Is Reelsassy Legit or not.

Do you love wearing traditional clothes for any occasion, from everyday casual to weddings and parties? Reelsassy is a website where you can get varieties of traditional clothes for any event, from long Kurtis, Anarkali suits, lehenga, designer Kurtis, casual suits, and so on, at reasonable prices. 

The shop is of typical Indian outfits available only in India. Many online shopping websites claim to be original and authentic, but it is not confirmed. This post will discuss many details of the website sassyreel.com and whether it Is Reelsassy Legit.

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Is Reelsassy trustworthy or not? 

  • The website was registered on 27th May 2022; it is very new, not even a month old. 
  • The website is expected to expire on 27th May 2023, a very short period.
  • The website has hidden details related to the owner.
  • Though there are not enough points of reference to the owner, the website’s trust score of 2% is also very poor.
  • The website is also not present on any social media handles, which could be a major disadvantage for the website.
  • Besides other details, Reelsassy Reviews found about the website on other websites are also very poor.
  • Data is protected by HTTP.
  •  The ranking of the popularity is 0, which is very poor. 
  •  The trust index score is 38.9 out of 100, an average score.
  •  No blacklist search engine has yet to detect the website to be blacklisted.
  • Proximity to suspicious websites – 9 out of 100 is given to the website.
  • Malware and spam score – The website has been given a malware score of 16/100 and a spam score of 21/100.
  •  Threat and phishing score – Threat and phishing scores are both given 57 out of 100.

Therefore scores provided to the website are not very good, but it is still not conclusive whether Is Reelsassy Legit or not. We will discuss specific details further down below. 

Know all about the website: Sassyreel.com

Sassyreel is an online shopping website consisting of various traditional Indian dresses for all occasions. The website’s homepage looks very attractive with innovative collections. Offers given by the portal administrator are unbelievable, 

As per the official webpage, they believe the outfit speaks about the personality of a human. Hence, they have collaborated with new designs and at the cheapest prices. Therefore, the question raised and consumers want to know: Is Reelsassy Legit or not. 

Details in specific of the website Sassyreel.com

  • Website name- Sassyreel.com 
  • Email address – Not available on the official website. 
  • Domain link – https://sassyreel.com/
  • Contact information – Not mentioned on the official website. 
  • Address – Not found anywhere on the official website and other websites. 
  • Return Policy – No return and refund policy information is available on the official website. 
  • Shipping Policy – No information about the shipping policy is available. 
  • Payment modes – Following payment modes are available for payments like MasterCard, Visa, Rupay, Net Banking, Cash on delivery, etc. 
  • Sort and filter- It can be easily used through the official website. 

Positive highlights of the website determine whether it Is Reelsassy Legit or not! 

  • Blacklist search engines do not detect the website. 
  • HTTP protects data safety. 

Negative highlights of the website Sassyreel.com

  • No information about the return, refund, or shipping policies is available. 
  • Contact information, Address, and Email address of the website are also not found. 
  • No presence of the website on social media platforms is found. 
  • Owner Details are also hidden. 
  • Terms and conditions and privacy policy is also not mentioned.

There are more disadvantages to the website than advantages, but to be sure of its legitimacy, we need to briefly discuss the website’s reviews. 

What are Reelsassy Reviews?

The reviews about the website are very poor, according to the other websites, and no reviews are found on the official website, making it untrustworthy. Moreover, the website is new, and the products do not seem authentic. In addition to this, click here to learn tricks and tips to be safe from Credit card scamming.

The Last Words

Based on the above scores, it is safe to say that the website is not legit, and the lack of information makes it very suspicious. Therefore, consumers are advised to be careful while purchasing from this website as the answer for: Is Reelsassy Legit, is big “NO”. 

Further, click here to check all the contact details, if you still want to take a risk. Does this article give you details about the website? Leave comments. Also, click here to know how to beware of PayPal scams.

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