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Is Oxidebe Legit {March 2021} Stay Alert And Be Safe!

Is Oxidebe Legit {March 2021} Stay Alert And Be Safe! >> This article will save you from a possible scam disguised in a shopping platform. Read to know.

Are you wishing to buy a wrap headband for your shower but afraid to buy from a fraudulent website? Take a look at our article and decide- Is Oxidebe Legit to deal with or not.

Oxidebe sells shower wrap headwear in different hues and fabrics. Ranging from $11.19 to $12.60, you will not see a significant difference in the price range.

Women in the United States are looking for such headbands, but it’s better to check the website’s legitimacy. And so, we are here to do the same. 

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What is the website, and what it offers? 

The only product Oxidebe offers is a soft adjustable headband to protect hair during makeup, shower, or facial

You have the liberty to choose from various colors like purple, grey, blue, pinks, etc. 

Specifications of the Oxidebe Website

  • Domain Registration date: 29-12-2020. 
  • Website URL: https://oxidebe.com/ 
  • Contact Number: (210) 634-4756.
  • Social Media: The website is not available on any social media. 
  • Products: They have a collection of women’s hair bands used during the shower, makeup, or spa. 
  • Email ID: contact@oxidebe.com 
  • Payment Method: PayPal
  • Return Policy: You have the right to return your order within 14 days of receiving the item. They provide store credit which you can use in your next purchase. It will be sent via email within 1-2 business days after your order reached them. 
  • The company’s office address is 508 South Main Street, Thrall, Texas, 76578 United States
  • Shipping Policy: They ship within 7-10 business days via USPS, which will arrive in 5-10 days. 


  • Oxidebe Website has an HTTPS certificate that keeps the information secure. 
  • Product description and all the necessary details are mentioned on the portal. 
  • They do not take shipping charges. 


  • There are spelling errors as well as content that contains plagiarism.
  • The domain registrar country shows China, not the U.S. 
  • It has received a 1% low trust score. 
  • The recipient’s name Donna Dizmang raises suspicion as it’s not clear who the person is. 
  • There’s no social media presence and reviews and recommendations online.  
  • They will not pay the amount as per the return policy. You will get store credit instead. 
  • The customer would have to bear the shipping expenses while returning the product

Is Oxidebe Legit or a Scam? 

Starting with the domain registration date, it is 29-12-2020. That means this e-shop is two months old. Its policies are not customer friendly, and registrar country as China is a big red flag. 

Absence of social media and customer reviews.

  • 1% trust percentage
  • Shady address and phone number
  • Copied erroneous content is a big no to this platform. 
  • Also, according to them, they started in 2014, which again sounds suspicious. So, it’s not a trustworthy website to deal with. 

Customer Reviews 

Unfortunately, Oxidebe doesn’t get reviewed by any of its customers. Perhaps, due to the company being new to the market, people are not aware of it. 


Is Oxidebe Legit or another website to avoid shopping from? Based on our research and analysis, we recommend our dear readers not to invest their money here.

Have you bought anything from here? Write down your experience in the comment section. 

6 thoughts on “Is Oxidebe Legit {March 2021} Stay Alert And Be Safe!”

  1. Hi! Unfortunately I purchased a car seat. It ended up duplicating so I was charged twice. And I knew immediately it was a scam. 😭 I’m trying to get PayPal to help me.

    • I just purchased a cat tower on match 7th. I got charged more than I authorized paypal to pay. I have not gotten charged twice yet. How many days after your first payment went through did they charge you again? I will try to keep an eye out for that. Paypal hasn’t been much help to me so far.

  2. I got scammed for $92 at Oxidebe.com (DEEP RAINBOW TECHNOLOGY HONG KONG LIMITED) for an Epson Scanner.

    I reported it to PayPal over a week ago and not only aren’t they going to do anything, but they’re STILL processing transactions from oxidebecom. They were probably told well before that. So, what separates PayPal from actual criminals?

  3. I just bought a pier beach cart with balloon tires from here am I not going to get. Itor did I just loose 100.00


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