Is Omaze UK Legit (February 2021) Reviews For Clarity!

Is Omaze UK Legit 2021

Is Omaze Uk Legit (February 2021) Reviews For Clarity >> Please read this article to explore some facts about a website offering once-in-a-lifetime chances to its visitors for raising money.

Are you looking for the answers to Is Omaze UK Legit?

Are you looking forward to a lifetime experience along with some charitable donations? Yes, these two terms can be clubbed together as a website gives you both the background under a single platform.

This sounds tricky to those who are new to this platform. We, too, were not much aware of it but were astonished after reading about Omaze. It is the United Kingdom-based platform that has come up with innovative ideas to serve the communities. 

We have mentioned all the information related to the platform in this article below. Ready to discover more.

Is Omaze UK Legit?

We have mentioned in our blogs earlier that we are purely a part of the unbiased reviews. We will give you the relevant information available about the topics. Our team undergoes a thorough study before claiming any website as legit or scam.

After considering and cross-checking all these points, we have a conclusion for Omaze as well.

Omaze is a relatively old platform with an innovative concept that is still new to online users. This website’s domain was registered in 2006, which means that the website is around 14 years old. 

Omaze UK Reviews are also available over the internet. The Trustpilot score of the website also represents 4.4-star ratings. 

The platform has also recorded an increased google worldwide rank. All the information on this website is unique and not copied.

Talking about its social media appearance, it has a verified page on Instagram and Facebook with significant followers and an active presence. 

After reading all these facts, one can assume the legitimacy of this platform. Thus, the answer to Is Omaze UK Legit no doubt is a YES.

What is Omaze?

We have heard of many charitable funds handled online. We all are aware of their process also that they have an auction once or twice a year, and the amount raised from them is distributed to the needy ones.

These are all the traditional norms, and we are aware of their reality as well. At the same time, Omaze is not one of them. 

It, too, is a charitable digital organization but follows new concepts. They offer a dream come true experience to their visitors, who are not too easy to deny. Dinner with your favorite celebrity, your dream car, Trip to your dream location, all these offers cannot be rejected.

We have mentioned all the details of the platform in this article about Is Omaze UK Legit. Do give it a read to know more about this unique concept.

Breakdown of the Earnings:

Earnings from the events organized by Omaze is distributed as follows:

  • For Celebrity Events:

In case the earnings are $10: $6 are forwarded for Charity, $2.50 is assumed for marketing expenses, and the remaining $1.50 goes to the organization. 

  • For Prize Based Earnings:

In the case of $10: $1.50 goes for charity, $7 for the sourcing agencies and shipping charges, and the remaining $1.50 for the organization. 

Scroll Is Omaze UK Legit blog to read specifications, pros, and cons.

Specifications of Omaze:

  • Website: A Charitable Trust With Unique Ideas.
  • Email:
  • Address: Not Mentioned on the Webpage.

Pros of Omaze:

  • The website has a detailed description of all its events. 
  • They have mentioned all the information about their winners.
  • The website also has an active social media appearance

Cons of Omaze:

  • Contact Number and Address are missing from the webpage.

Omaze UK Reviews:

Reviews of this website are mixed, and most of them are positive and in favor of the platform. Many visitors have mentioned that it is a safe platform and have also said that they quickly respond to all the customers’ queries.

They have also mentioned that people claiming it as a scam must go through the website thoroughly before stating it as unsafe. 

As per the Trustpilot score, Omaze has 79% positive reviews, and only 7% of the reviews are unsatisfactory and not in favor of it. 

It overall enjoys the 4.4-star ratings and has its Wikipedia page, where one can know its genre. 

Final Verdict:

In this article about Is Omaze UK Legitwe have mentioned all the website’s detailed facts. According to our research, we can claim this website as a legit platform.

Have you been the winner of its events yet? Do share your views about it in the comment section below.

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