Is Scam (March 2021) – Find Out More Here!

Is Scam 2021

Is Scam (March 2021) – Find Out More Here! >> This article tells you about the authenticity of a website that offers alerts for nearby extra COVID vaccines.

Is Scam being the question that’s on every user’s mind, but the answer doesn’t appear to be noticeable. This website is related to the ongoing nationwide vaccination and claims to offer alerts regarding vaccine details and other information. Due to the sensitive nature of knowledge, users are interested in finding if this website is trustworthy.

To know more about this website and find if it’s legitimate, please keep reading this article. Don’t skip anything because we will also include some other relevant details. This website is gaining a lot of traction, primarily in the concerned country, the United States

What is

Is Scam? We’ll get to that shortly. It is a website and a new start-up that claims to give you an alert if any vaccination site near you has extra doses of the COVID vaccine that would otherwise go to waste. Using its services, you can choose to receive those doses instead. 

Thousands of users have already signed up for this website’s services. Users have also been suspicious of this site. Information regarding this query is given below. Please stay tuned to know more.

Is Scam

Please take a look at the details given below to determine if this website is a scam:

  • Is it a Scam? To give a straightforward answer, it isn’t.
  • Thousands of users in the United States have signed up for its services which is evidence that it’s legit.
  • Some vaccination sites have signed up for this program.
  • Prominent magazines and news channels have confirmed the authenticity of this site.
  • The Trust Index of the site is 76%.
  • It has its establishment since 18/11/2018.

How does it work?

  • Due to the time limit of use for the COVID vaccine, it’s better to apply them to a person than throwing them in the trash.
  • It gives you alerts whenever a nearby vaccination site has extra doses.
  • Is Scam? No, it isn’t. You can sign up for its services on the official website and get matched to receive the dose.
  • Nearly 750,000 people have already signed up on this platform.
  • It offers you alerts irrespective of whether you fit the eligibility criteria.
  • However, the confirmation must come within 15 minutes of the alert.
  • You can also set up appointments for the second dose at the same vaccination site.
  • This website is entirely free for users in the US.

Final Verdict

The time limit for the use of each vaccine is an essential factor. Each dose must amount to a beneficial result. The services of this website will help you with that task. Is Scam? Users have been suspicious whether it’s a scam, but we can say that it isn’t.  At this moment, it has been facing some error, and we cannot access it, but it may be due to the traffic in the network. All the other details about this website are available above; please have a look at it.

Do you think this website will be effective in tackling the vaccine wastage issue? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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