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Is Finensly Clothing Legit {Nov} See The Reviews Now!

Is Finensly Clothing Legit {Nov} See The Reviews Now! -> This report is giving you a detailed analysis of a webstore that sells fashion apparel for women.

Do you shop on new e-stores that get launched online? If interested in knowing about a new e-store, read on to know more. It is finensly.com, which sells fashion clothing online for women. We will give you all details about the new webstore and help you judge, Is Finensly Clothing Legit or a scam. It is of utmost importance today in this world of scams and frauds that have hovered the internet. 

Today everyone prefers internet shopping and in a hurry forget to know about the website from which they purchase products. In turn, they suffer by getting scammed at the hands of certain web stores and later regret. Thus, it is better to analyze a new e-store before spending even a penny, and check its genuineness. The new webstore will be talking about claims to sell worldwide, including countries like the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and other nations.

Is Finensly Clothing Legit?

The webshop selling fashion apparel for women came into existence only 39 days back. It has a rather low ranking on Alexa, indicating its unpopularity on the web. The owner has also hidden a lot of information, and that is not a good sign. We searched for Finensly Clothing Reviews online and found only negative feedback from some people. The store is considered a scam, and others are advised not to shop on this website. 

There are no links found with social media platforms, but people claim that they delete the comments when anyone gives them feedback. However, we did not find any association with Instagram or Facebook or any leading review site. They are found to have an association with fraud nations that are known for corruption and scam. If readers ask, Is Finensly Clothing Legit or not, our response is we doubt its legitimacy and do not trust the site. However, request you to read further to know more about the webstore in the further report. 

What is Finensly.com?

The webstore that got launched only a few days ago is known to sell women fashion like dresses, tops, jackets, swimsuits, etc. The prices are discounted on most products, and shipping is charged nil on orders amounting to $99 and above. The delivery time taken is around 10 to 20 days, and the returns are accepted within 30 days. They claim to offer a money-back guarantee. 

The methods of payments that can be used are Visa, Mastercard, PayPal. The customers can contact the owners using an email ID available on the site. However, no contact address or phone number is given for the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and other nations.


  • Webstore Type – Online store for fashion apparel
  • Website Country – Canada
  • Shipping cost – $10.99 (Free above $99)
  • Returns – Acceptable
  • Contact Address – Not available
  • Phone number – Not available
  • Email – service@gmail.com.com
  • Payments – Mastercard, Visa, PayPal
  • Social media – No presence is available. 

Best Points of Finensly.com 

  • The webshop has a wide range of apparel available for women. 
  • The returns are acceptable. 

Worst Points of Finensly.com

  • The webshop is very new (got launched only 39 days back).
  • We found no contact address or phone number provided by the owners. 
  • No association is available with social media sites. 
  • There are negative Finensly Clothing Reviews available on the web. 

What Customers say about Finensly.com?

The webshop was analyzed for its genuine, and we researched for feedback from customers and found only negative ones available. People asked others, Is Finensly Clothing Legit? And the sufferers called it a scam. Customers are few, and those are also disappointed with their services. They have ordered products and spent their hard-earned money, of which they have no clue now. No response is received back after ordering products on this new fashion store. 

People are highly disappointed and ask others to be careful about this new scam site. There is no feedback on social media, and those who have suffered after ordering have asked others to beware. People doubt its legitimacy and ask, Is Finensly Clothing Legit? Our answer is, maybe it is a possible scam site that is risky to your money and other details. 

The Conclusion

The analysis of the new webstore reveals that it is not a trustworthy site and is a possible threatening site. Many details are unavailable from their side, and that is a big flaw at their end. 

We suggest the online shoppers be careful and avoid shopping on this new webshop that has links with a fraud nation and has negative feedback from people. 

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