Is Eipcard Com Scam (Jan 2021) Reviews for Clarity!

Is Eipcard Com Scam 2021

Is Eipcard Com Scam (Jan 2021) Reviews for Clarity! >> This article should hopefully fill you in with all there is to know about Economic Impact Payment Cards. Do give this article a read!

There are a ton of financial institutions available to us in current times, but often people fall victim to credit card scams and so on. 

We must be well informed to avoid such blunders. EIP Cards are something many people are curious about, especially United States residents. 

In this article, you shall find out some intrinsic details about Is Eipcard Com Scam

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What is an EIP Card?

According to the website, EIP stands for Economic Impact Payment Card. The website claims that the EIP Cards have the money entitled to the receiver as per the COVID Tax Relief Act 2020 or as the CARES Act (Coronavirus Aid Relief Economic Security).

The EIP Card web-page further informs us that the card is sponsored by the United States Department of the Treasury Bureau that comes belongs to the Fiscal Service regarding the US Debit Card Program.

The cards are delivered in a simple and straightforward envelope on behalf of the “Money Network Card-Holder Services” with the bank’s name by which it is issued behind it. Some recipients who expected a paper check or a direct deposit payment assumed that it was a scam and discarded it. 

The card can be used to make online retail transactions or to have funds transferred between bank accounts. The EIP Card can also be used to withdraw cash from ATMs the way a regular Visa Debit Card is used.  

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How is an EIP Card used?

  • One must go through the Fee Schedule and Agreement of the Cardholder.
  • The EIP Card account must be activated, and a four-digit pin must be set. 
  • The cardholder must sign the card back of the card.
  • It must be kept safe.

Once the initial set-up is completed, the card can be used as a substitute for a Visa Debit Card. Some benefits include getting Surcharge-Free cash at all (in-network) ATMs and receiving cashback with PIN debit purchases. 

In the case of a stolen or lost Economic Impact Payment Card, users are recommended to log in to their respective accounts and lock them. This will help to prevent all unauthorized transactions and withdrawals. It is best to call and inform the EIP Card customer service as well.

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  • Website: 
  • Contact: 1.800.240.8100
  • Contact (for impaired hearing): 1.800.241.9100 
  • Mail Address: 2900 Westside Parkway, Alpharetta, GA 30004

Final Verdict:

After doing a detailed analysis of the website, it has come to our attention that it is not a very secure website. It seems highly unreliable since the creation of the domain name is relatively recent. When scanned for digital trust ratings, the website’s score was meager.

The mail address mentioned on the website is invalid as well. Even though a handful of sources online may not declare a complete scam, the information based on the website suggests that it is.

Your perceptions about the same are highly appreciated about Is Eipcard Com Scam in the comment section below. 

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