Is Charles Sobhraj Still Alive (April) Check Here!

Is Charles Sobhraj Still Alive 2021 (2)

Is Charles Sobhraj Still Alive (April) Check Here! >> A most wanted criminal, who involved in several criminal activities- where is he now? Please read the below.

Is Charles Sobhraj Still Alive? The netizens of the United Kingdom are showing inquisitiveness as to where is Charles Sobhraj. Is he alive?

According to news, Charles Sobhraj (Famously known as the Sarpent) is suspected of around 12 murders between 1974 & 1976. He is known for his criminal activity and fraud. Several novels, books, movies, mini-series have been created inspired by his story.

Now the whole world, mainly the British, want to know where he is now.

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Early Life of Charles Sobhraj:

Hatchand Bhaonani Gurumukh Charles Sobhraj (Aka Charles Sobhraj) is globally known as The Serpent, The Bikini Killer, and The Splitting Killer, born is 6th April 1944. ‘ Is Charles Sobhraj Still Alive?’- While researching this, we found, he was a child of an Indian Sindhi business person (Sobhraj Hatchand Bhaonani) and a Vietnamese mother (Tran Loan Phung). His parents were separated later, and he was taken by his mother’s new boyfriend, a French person who served in the French army.

How Sobhraj entered into the world of crime?

After being adopted, he was neglected by her parents due to the couple’s latter children. As per the sources, at a very young age, when he was a teenager, he started to commit petty criminal activity and received his first prison sentence in 1963 for burglary.

Is Charles Sobhraj Still Alive? Well, the sources reveal that when he was 20, he got a chance to enter France’s high social class and started scams and fraud activity to accumulate money. In Paris, he met with Chantal Compagnon, his future partner, and got engaged with her. However, on engagement day, he was arrested again in a car stealing case. After he got a release from prison, he married Chantal and moved to Asia to avoid arrest.

According to news, his main target was Hippie Trails, Western Tourists, and primarily beatniks. He murdered around 10 hippie travelers in 1976 through Thailand, India, and Nepal. He is accused of murdering 12 young people with his criminal partner Ajay Chowdhury.

Is Charles Sobhraj Still Alive?

Here we are going to unveil the fact to our United Kingdom audiences that Charles is alive and now his age is 76, currently serving a life sentence in the Katmandu prison in Nepal.

As per an online search, we got to know that he was arrested in 1976 in India for the murder case of Jean-Luc Solomon, a Frenchman. He was released in 1997 due to lacking witness, evidence.

However, he was arrested further in Nepal in 2003 for killing-Connie Jo Boronzich (29 years old) and Laurent Carrière (26 years old), which occurred in 1975. He received a life sentence, and now he is serving a sentence in Katmandu prison.

Wrapping Up:

Is Charles Sobhraj Still Alive? Yes, he is alive and now in Nepal jail. Numerous novels, books, series have been on the air that are based on Chasrle‘ life. We hope this above content helps to clear your doubt.

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