Is Bona Fide Masks Legit (Feb 2021) Review For Clarity

Is Bona Fide Masks Legit 2021

Is Bona Fide Masks Legit (Feb 2021) Review For Clarity >> This article reviews a website that sells many protective items that offer maximum protection against harmful microbes.

Are you a health pro who is looking to buy face masks and other protective equipment? 

Our comprehensive article, Is Bona Fide Masks Legit, reviews a website that sells this protective gear online. Through the item, we will also discover if this ePortal is an authentic player in the market or not? 

Bona Fide Masks ship from their warehouse in New York, United States.

Bona Fide Masks’ website claims that when healthcare workers wear and use proper personal protective equipment (PPE), they rarely catch infections.

These protections can go a long way in protecting the community during the trying times of the pandemic.

Is Bona Fide Masks Legit?

Bona Fide Masks sells products that promise both comprehensive protection and comfort to the wearer. 

The website caters to high-volume protective merchandise and claims to take large orders up to 100,000 masks.

That is quite impressive! 

The website does not allow returns and exchanges on facemasks, isolation gowns, face shields, and other personal products.

This makes us believe that Bona Fide Masks is a legit name.

To authenticate its legitimacy further, we researched online, and to our relief, we could gather promising information about Bona Fide Masks.

This step-by-step article will also cover Bona Fide Masks Reviews by customers that will give us an unbiased view of the masks.

What is Bona Fide Masks? 

Bona Fide Masks sells many products that safeguard you against germs, these include-

  • Face masks- The website sells all types of facemasks, including N95, NIOSH-approved respirators, KN95 facemasks, and disposable masks.
  • Face shields- The face shields available on Bona Fide Masks include protective face shields and anti-fog shields, certified by the FDA EUA for use in the healthcare premises. 
  • PPE-apparel- AAMI-rated disposable protective gear that minimizes your risk of catching the infection.
  • UV sanitizing wand- This handheld sanitizer is a state-of-the-art UV light protective wand that kills almost 99% of harmful microbes.
  • No-touch thermometer- The DET-306 Infrared touchless thermometer gives accurate temperature readings in seconds. 

The website also offers exclusive healthcare pricing on N95 for healthcare workers, essential workers from Bona Fide Masks, and First Responders.

We sincerely hope that our answer to Is Bona Fide Masks Legit is yes. Let’s divulge some more details of this e-Commerce site.

Specifications of Bona Fide Masks: 

  • Products- A variety of protective gear, masks, mask respirators, and medical equipment.
  • Available at-
  • Address- 741 S, Fulton Avenue, Mount Vernon, New York, 10550.
  • Contact – 914-664-7500.
  • Email- bill@ballchain.comand
  • Mode of payment- Online through MasterCard, Visa, Discover, AmEx, GPay, and PayPal.

The coming sections of Is Bona Fide Masks Legit will throw more light on this web portal.

Pros of Bona Fide Masks: 

  • Sells high-quality protective masks, apparel, and other products. 
  • The website sells fairly-priced and comfortable products. 
  • One can place bulk orders at this website.
  • Products are FDA-approved.
  • The website offers fast delivery.

Cons of Bona Fide Masks: 

  • Shipping is expensive.

Customers Reviews Of Bona Fide Masks: 

The website sparkles with 6587 glittering reviews for Bona Fide masks. The customers rave that the masks are of excellent quality and are an excellent value for money. 

Let’s also quickly see what the users of these masks have to say online.

Bona Fide Masks Reviews by customers boast of a rating of 5-stars from two consumer reviews. According to information available on the Internet, these masks rank 17th among the sites for facemasks.

And, can you beat it? They have 100% positive reviews from the last 12 months.

Even Registered Nurses (RN) and anaesthesia providers highly recommend this company and all its PPE products. They claim it to be the premier distributor of masks in the United States and Canada.

Some salon owners are using their protective face shields and highly recommend them.

Final Verdict:

We conclude by saying that with Bona Fide Masks’ protective equipment, you can rest assured that you and your staff are well protected.

Go ahead and safeguard yourself by purchasing Bona Fide Masks’ revolutionary products.

Please add to our Is Bona Fide Masks Legit; if you have any more information to share about masks and other products available at, please comment below.

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