Is Boltz Pro Charger Legit (Mar) Get The Reviews Below!

Is Boltz Pro Charger Legit 2021

Is Boltz Pro Charger Legit (Mar) Get The Reviews Below!  >> Are you looking for a powerful and adaptive charging service? Read this informative article to learn about a website that sells a multi-device charging system.

Who doesn’t love technology-driven products? In this article, Is Boltz Pro Charger Legit, we review a website that offers a shared charging battery that aims to make your life convenient and stress-free. 

The website is based in Canada and trying to expand its customer base worldwide, especially in the United States.

The website, called Boltz, claims to deliver top-notch service to its customers. It also promises a three-way solution for business companies.

But, is this service genuine, and should you invest with Boltz?

Is Boltz Pro Charger Legit?

Before availing of the products or services of any website, it is best to assess their legitimacy. Therefore, we explored the internet to gather more information about the Boltz website.

Boltz Pro Charger has an About Us page but the page is replete with grammatical errors. Also, it does not explain the concept well.

Secondly, the website deals with selling just one service.

The domain age of this website is also 1 year and 4 months. Trust score of this website is also very low.

Lastly, the address of the company leads to a company by the name Boltz Technology Ltd which is a part of the Finance & Insurance industry.

All these pointers do not paint a very trustworthy picture of this website. The coming sections of our review will help us know Is Boltz Pro Charger Legit or another fake portal.

What is Boltz Pro Charger?

Boltz Pro Charger is a website that offers the best and easy-to-use charging solution to users of smartphones and portable devices whenever the battery is running low. 

Boltz power stations provide instant charging in any location, any time. The website claims to have 300,000 registered users with an average of more than 800 users sharing each day. 

Boltz is on a path to establish 700 new stations for the convenience of its users.

Boltz charging stations also help boost your business whether you are running a restaurant or an internet cafe. Any business entrepreneur can bring Boltz to their location and improve their customer experience.

This power IQ shared-power bank seems to be working on quite an innovative concept! Let’s quickly see if this power bank service is friendly to use.

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How to use Boltz charging service?

It offers a convenient 3-step charging solution:

  • Borrow- The Boltz app is available on both iPhone and Android devices.
  • Scan- Just scan the QR code available on the top of Boltz station to begin charging.
  • Charge- The tri-port design works with all devices.

As per its website, Boltz is continually striving to improve services and looking to expand its customer base.

It also claims to offer a platform to its customers to advertise their business.

Is this ultimate power bank true to the claims of its website? Keep reading Is Boltz Pro Charger Legit till the final verdict to know the answer.

Specifications of Boltz Pro Charger:

  • Product- Charging battery station for portable iOS and Android devices
  • Website- 
  • Address- #201-11600 Bridgeport Rd, Richmond, British Columbia, Canada00 Bridgeport 
  • Contact- +1 604-214-0239
  • Email-

Pros of Boltz Pro Charger:

  • Ultra-fast charging service for your portable devices.
  • The website’s device comes with a built-in sanitizing system.
  • The website works on Ergonomic design.
  • Easy to rent or return within your city.
  • Works on a professional cable management system.

Cons of Boltz Pro Charger:

  • The website only targets the North American market.
  • Is not a secure website.
  • No customer reviews for this website.

Boltz Pro Charger Reviews by customers:

There are no customer reviews for Boltz either on the internet or on any social media platform.

This is quite strange because its product is quite an innovative one and aims to increase your foot traffic and get you loyal customers.

Final Verdict:

Boltz is quite a dubious website Its product seems to be very close to the Boltz-pro charger available for sale online. But this charger is entirely different from the charging system available on the website

In answer to Is Boltz Pro Charger Legit, we say no, it is not.

We suggest not investing in the service till the time it garners some positive reviews from users.

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