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Is Legit? The site brings a huge shopping haul for the shoppers, and each shoe has a huge discount. Read and know the shop’s legitimacy.

Wearing comfy shoes is significant when you do morning exercise and run activities. According to the experts, choosing comfy sneakers while following daily fitness is the best for men & women. Now, you can easily grab the right fitted comfy sneakers from, which promotes itself as the shoe retailer for men & women.

The shop has garnered online shoppers’ attention as it allows shoppers in the United States to purchase from huge shopping haul. However, Is Legit? Besides the attractive collections and discounts, checking the authenticity and market goodwill is also crucial.

Let’s check its authenticity.

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How legit is this e-retail shop?

When you judge any ecommerce website’s legitimacy, you have to consider certain factors like age, reviews, social connection, trust-score, etc. Below, we have specified some important aspects to finding out the legitimacy.

  • Company Address Verification: The address isn’t present on the map, which is highly suspicious.
  • Trust-Rate: The rating is 1.
  • Domain Age: The site was established last month (the date of creation is 24th January 2022).
  • Reviews: shop Reviews don’t exist.
  • Website’s Name: The name is ‘ARIATSSALE.SHOP.’
  • Social Connection: We couldn’t find information about its social networks.
  • Missing Information: Cancellation policy.
  • Payment Gateways: Multiple gateways.
  • Skipped Pages: 1646 pages are present.
  • Broken Links: Broken link count is ‘0.’
  • Authority Holder: The main authority holder is ‘ariatssale.’
  • Plagiarism: 51% duplicate content and 39% common content.

Well, several flaws have been recognized so far; however, we suggest you read the whole content to get a clear idea about its legitimacy.

What is the is an e-com shoe seller allowing people to purchase via online medium. However, Is Legit? The site doesn’t have offline selling; therefore, buyers can only check the great collection available on its website. The store brings comfy sneakers at an attractable range, where shoppers can avail 50%+ discount on each footwear.

The site’s design is good with different product categories. The shoes have been categorized in the Men, Women & Best Seller section. Those tabs are again divided into subcategories. Coming to the item page, there is a vast description of shoes, but we didn’t find size charts. No color options are present; you need to choose the size to proceed with your order.


  • Users’ Reviews: shop Reviews are unavailable.
  • Store’s Link:
  • Office Location: Camden-4945, Briarwood Drive.
  • Phone Number: It is 856-438-0127
  • Corporate Email Address:
  • Shipping Process: In the United States, the entire shipping process takes 2 weeks.
  • Charges: If your order amount is over 60$, you get free shipping. Else, the charges can be found during check out.
  • Cancellation Process: Unavailable.
  • Refund: The refund policy is active; however, the process completion time frame is unavailable.
  • Return: 30 days is allowed for return.
  • Exchange: The exchange is only allowed if you get authorization.
  • Is Legit: The site shows multiple lacks in various aspects.
  • Payment Modes: PayPal, Amex, Visa, Discover, JCB, Master Card, etc.


  • You get a huge collection of different types of shoes at a great discounted price.
  • The store’s security is maintained by an HTTPS connection.
  • Free shipping is available.
  • Payment options are various.


  • Very low trust-rate.
  • The site isn’t popular (has zero market goodwill).
  • Reviews and social profiles are absent.
  • The address details are wrong (Unavailable on the map).
  • A high percentage of common and copied data are found.
  • The cancellation policy is absent.

Customers’ opinion about ‘Is Legit’:

It’s been 20+ days since the site started its service, but no reviews are visible on its web pages. It’s probably due to age. However, some fishy facts are also recognized- First, the store did not provide an option to rate the product or specify reviews. Second, the store has not taken a step to promote itself on social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, etc.).

Additionally, the store has not been reviewed or rated on external feedback platforms like Trust Pilot. So, you can fetch a regular & popular e-com shoe seller to buy sneakers. Plus, read the tips to get refunds on PayPal.

Final Verdict:

Is Legit? The shop is new but has multiple suspicious facts- low trust-rate, wrong address, no social account, no reviews, high plagiarism, etc. So, you should buy a product from this shop, after it builds high credibility. Again, you must read the process to receive money back on a Credit Card. is the facts satisfactory? Please mention below.

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