Is Amazon Pods Scam [Mar] Let’s Get Some Information


Is Amazon Pods Scam [Mar] Let’s Get Some Information!>> Are you receiving text or calls stating that you have won Pods or watch? Read here to know if they are scam or not!

As there is controversy regarding Is Amazon Pods Scam across the United States and the Better business bureau are issuing a warning notice to people regarding the scam text. People receives a message telling that they had won an air pod or an electronic watch.

People must not trust this text as they prove to be scam tricks to get the individual’s confidential details to misuse it. Let’s dive deep into the News related to Amazon scammed text that is in controversy in the news channels in many places.

What Is The Statement Issued By Better Business Bureau Regarding Amazon Scammers?

As the scammers send a text on phones, people are curious to know about Is Amazon Pods Scam. Yes, the business bureau has recently given an official statement warning people not to fall for those scammed text.

These are just fraud message delivered to people to get their credit card details or other information and may use those details further misusing it.

About The News!

The organization named consumer advocacy stated that individuals are receiving phone calls saying something fake regarding the order and Amazon delivery across the country.

 They try to ask you the personal details as told by CEO and President of the Chicago Steve Benras.

Is Amazon Pods Scam News True?

Yes, as per the information and News we got in our research, we can say yes, this News is trustworthy. Let’s read what we got in our study:

 The consumer advocacy named organization claims that people are receiving fake calls saying that they are from Amazon 

 On the 13th and 14th of October, Amazon prime day business bureau disclosed how the scam or fraud works.

Business bureau had issued warnings to people not to fall into these scam texts and calls

How To Predict That It’s A Scam Text Or A Call?

  • Let’s see how can we Predict Is Amazon Pods Scam Text!
  • You will get a message stating that we have won air pods or an electronic watch.
  • The text will ask you to give your information and details to get these won items delivered to your home.
  • They may ask for your credit cards details too.

These are some of the signs of scam text you may receive, but don’t fall into the trap in this fraud text as it may be a risky one if you provide any information regarding you to them.


So, these were some of the information that we got to see while our research on Is Amazon Pods Scam. So if you get any text or calls, don’t receive or reply to them; instead, try to report it to the Amazon scam or Better business bureau. I hope you might like our article and found out informative and helpful one. 

Have you ever got these types of scam calls saying that you had won something and asks you your personal details? Do let us know below. 

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