Is Amazon Pod Raffle Scam (April) Check The Details!

Is Amazon Pod Raffle Scam (April) Check The Details!

Is Amazon Pod Raffle Scam (April) Check The Details! >> Want to know regarding the scam and how it is trapping people? Read below and get the details.

Are you aware of the Apple AirPods scam? In this blog, you will get all the details regarding it and why it is referred to as a scam.

Is Amazon Pod Raffle Scam will help the users to know if the news is true or not. We see that the scam involves the Amazon site as well as the apple company.

The news is seen mostly in the regions of the United States.

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What is the news?

We have seen that recently a scam was carried through the Amazon platform, and the users should know about it to avoid being trapped in any of these in the future.

We all know that Airpods are purchased a lot as people love listening to music and podcasts. Is Amazon Pod Raffle Scam shows that the price of AirPods is seen to be relatively high compared to the other products available online. We also see that the Airpods Pro is cheap as compared to the Airpod Max.

So, if any of you would be getting any offer to get these for free, you would likely to avail the offer. So, as per the scam, the public members received a message in which they were mentioned as Raffles winners. In the message, it was mentioned that the Airpods are available for free to the winners.

Important points regarding Is Amazon Pod Raffle Scam:

  • A lot of people receive the message regarding being a raffle winner.
  • The message did not only offer the Airpods as a prize, but it offered the apple watch and other tech devices too.
  • Despite the product’s high price, the users are asked to click on the link and confirm the delivery to get the prizes.
  • Now, when the users click on these links, they are taken to a phishy website, where the personal information and details are at risk.
  • Since the use of Amazon is there; therefore the scam was much more effective.

Views of people regarding Is Amazon Pod Raffle Scam:

We have seen that tricking people in the name of Amazon is quite easy, and thus, a lot of people faced the scam.

It is seen that text scams are very common, and all are almost alike. If the person enters the link, he or she is taken to a different site and would risk the details.

Moreover, we find that the random texts you receive are the biggest warning for a scam, and these messages contain a link.

The bottom line:

As per our research, we find that Is Amazon Pod Raffle Scam has been quite effective, and it can be prevented if the users stay alert. They should directly contact the respective site or the platform through which the message is linked.

Thus, we recommend the users to be active and do not get trapped in such scams. What kinds of scam messages have you received? To know more regarding the scam, click here

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